ZFOsports Adjustable Weight Vest Review

ZFOsports Adjustable Weight Review

ZFOsports Adjustable Weight Vest is one of the top line high-intensity training products in the bodybuilding market. It has an impeccable design that makes it perfect for both men and women. The straps on shoulders and the Velcro fabric make the vest tight on your torso thus minimizing movements during a workout routine.

The company that manufactures this vest has many years of experience making bodybuilding products. The stitching that goes into the making of this vest is of excellent quality. Some of the exercises you can do while in this vest include power walking, hill bounding, polymeric, lateral drills, running and vertical jumps. It’s an excellent equipment to help you double the results of your strength training workouts.

This vest comes weighing 40 pounds, but the material can be removed or added to adjust the weight to your fit level. The soft padding in it absorbs sweat keeping you comfortable during strength training.

What are ZFO Weighted Vest features?

  • Has a Velcro fabric and straps to provide a tight fit.
  • It's manufactured using high-quality materials to make it last long
  • 8 weights on front and 8 weight holders on back
  • 2.5 pound weight increments
  • Weights are made out of sand and iron-ore
  • It's slightly bulky and looks like a SWAT team vest
  • Weight is stored in a secured 2-ply black nylon seal bag
  • Weights conform to your body
  • The weight pockets have a simple construction that allows you to slide the weights in or out easily.

What else can be done with this vest?

ZFOsports Adjustable Weight Vest’s flexibility gives you the freedom to attempt almost any exercise you feel like doing. If you want to run with it, reduce its weight to about 10lbs to make it lighter. For squats, you can leave its weight at 40lbs to get a really tough workout from it. Got some stairs near you? Run up and down them using this vest while keeping its weight to a level you can handle to avoid straining your shoulders.

This vest is also a must-have item if you are a frequent hiking lover. Climb the mountains with it to toughen up your leg muscles. To get even better results, wear this vest and try the 25-minutes workout explained over at T25 – 25 Minute Cardio Workout Review and you’ll come to thank me later.

It’s a better product for improving athletic performance

Athletics is all about being stronger and faster than your fellows. If you want to have an advantage over your competitors, this vest is a must-have item. It also gives you plenty of room to improve your muscles and get a toned body that is suitable for sport. The weight is adjustable; therefore, it’s advisable to start out slow with smaller weights then work your way up.

buy ZFO sports weighted vestPros of ZFOsports Adjustable Weight Vest

  • It’s comfortable and can be used by both genders
  • The sturdy material it’s made of guarantees that the vest will last long to see you build your muscles
  • Supports a wide range of workout activities like running, jogging, squats, lunges, etc.
  • Comes with an instruction manual to help you understand it quickly
  • Comes at a pocket-friendly price


  • The setup process is a bit involving
  • Has a bulky look
  • The Velcro is not of the best quality and wears out faster
  • If used for long, the weights can strain the shoulders


ZFOsports Adjustable Weight Vest is available on Amazon and several other fitness online shops. I haven’t seen anyone talk about its warranty, but I believe reputable stores like Amazon might offer some days or months from the day of purchase.

Customer Reviews

It’s not easy to get a vest that meets the needs of many people. So, it’s quite motivating to find that ZFOsports Adjustable Weight Vest is liked by both men and women for assisting them to get toned bodies. It's average on Amazon is 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Here is what one of the satisfied customers had to say about this vest. “This is one of the best quality vests I have ever bought, the straps on it kept it in position, and it never bothered me while exercising. I had an easy time changing the weight too. I just love everything about this vest. I would gladly recommend it to anyone.”


ZFOsports Adjustable Weight Vest is an incredible product for anyone who longs to improve his workout results. It’s made of tough material to see you through many days of exercising. The presence of the adjustable straps, Velcro and the soft padding in its makeup makes it one of the best strength training products in the bodybuilding world.

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