PowerBlock Adjustable Weight Bench Review

powerblock sport weight bench
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PowerBlock Sport Bench

The PowerBlock Sport Bench is another great affordable adjustable weight bench on the market that offers a number of features for your workout.

It has a high weight capacity, super sturdy flat feet, the ability to add a dip attachment, several adjustable angles and it's great for beginner and advanced users.

Feature List

  • 5 Adjustable Angles
  • Bench Dimensions: 50" x 21" x 16"
  • 550 Pound Weight Capacity
  • Has wheels to move it
  • Flat Front Feet For Stability

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Product Features of the Powerblock Sport Bench


  • This could be one of the best home gym adjustable bench,because of the five backrest positions from flat to military, including 30, 45 and 60 degree angles in between.
  • The seat position also can be adjusted – when the backrest is at an incline the seat will sit downwards, but it means you won’t slip off while lifting.
  • The great thing about the PowerBlock is that the gap between the seat and backrest is pretty small compared to many other benches, making it more comfortable to use.


  • The bench is 50” by 21” by 16” when flat and weighs 57lbs so it’s not too heavy and clunky to move around and lighter than some of the more commercial benches available on the market.
  • It has a 550lb weight capacity which is pretty decent for most people, but of course that depends on how much you’re lifting.
  • It’s also quite a low-profile bench with a height of 16” so your feet will be firmly planted on the floor.

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Quality of Materials

  • The PowerBlock weight bench is made of 2” x 3” 14-gauge tubing making it a sturdy and solid bench.
  • The backrest and seat are padded with tapered upholstered cushions to support you during your exercises with comfort.
  • There are wheels attached at the back of the bench and a handle so it’s easy to move around without having to lift the whole bench off the ground.
  • The cushions are actually made out of self-skimmed foam which means they’re incredibly durable and supportive – and they look good.

Extra Attachments

  • This bench has room for an optional dip attachment – but you’ll have to pay another $60 for it. The dip attachment, which slides into the back of the bench, allows you to work your triceps even more to add further variety to your workout.
  • It can hold a weight of 250lbs. The idea is great – but some users have found it’s not as stable as they would like it to be. While the dip attachment itself is solid construction and a sturdy piece of equipment, it can move about and wobble when attached to the backbone frame.

Installation & Assembly

  • The good thing about the PowerBlock Sport Weight Bench is it comes mostly assembled unlike some other benches where you can spend an afternoon trying to figure out how to put together the pieces. All you’ll need to do is attach the rear bottom support bar and you should be able to put that together relatively quickly.

What Are The Drawbacks?

There’s no decline position on this bench so consider whether you’ll need it in your workouts or if you can make do without.

The design of the bench means the back bar of the frame on the ground is far wider than in the front – which can lead to a bit of a wobble and a feeling of instability. Having said that, the shorter front means there’s nothing in the way of your feet while workout out and nothing to accidentally trip up on.

There isn’t any rubber to cover the ends of front bar on the base of the frame; it’s just a flat steel bottom, which can make the bench slightly unstable on certain surfaces, as the rubber tends to sink in better to materials like carpet.

It's made out of solid materials although there are a couple of technical issues which has led some users to have a bit of concern. You can view the manufacture site here https://powerblock.com/.

While the backrest and seat cushions themselves are durable, there appears to be a slight issue with just how stable they feel against the frame when in an incline position. The bar that secures the backrest position doesn’t have a firm locking system or any cross bracing to keep it secure.

You might find it slightly unstable during incline work. So, this is a great starter adjustable workout bench for the price. If you are more serious and you are looking for more of a high end bench then you should look at the bowflex 3.1 adjustable bench here.

In Summary

For the price I would expect something a little more from this bench. The design is very streamlined - but with that design it's imperative to ensure the bench is 100% sturdy. The materials are solid and durable and there are some great features with the PowerBlock and it will still give you plenty of options for your workout without having to break the bank.

I know I mentioned about the front that could be not as stable but honestly, I believe the long support in the back would make it solid. I would love to here back from people to see what your thoughts are on it, if you own it.

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  1. In your review you say the dip attachment has a max weight of 150. It should be 250. There is also a chinup attachment that attaches the same way that also has a 250lb weight limit.

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