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So, I'm the owner of this blog and I am definitely a workout guy who has been into nutrition, strength training, yoga, cycling, running, triathlons, competitive softball, played college baseball as a catcher. I believe in cross-fit and I'm just a normal guy who loves to max out life to its fullest while having a passion for staying in shape.

I have a lovely wife and 2 kids and work full-time in the IT industry.

I have literally spend 4 decades in sports, weight lifting and nutrition that I don't mind sharing about in the hopes it could help the next person.

Eric Ellis

Fitnessrocks Owner

You'll find that I'm also a Beachbody workout fan. I started out with the first version of p90x many years ago to keep my competitive edge up in age group sports after college. That was something I proceeded to do for 2-3 years and then went to Insanity.  I would use these programs to train in the off season while I was doing triathlons

Then I went to p90x 2 and now I'm going after Focus t25.  I have also done Bodybeast and P90x3 as well.

Now, as life has progressed I still like to bike 3000 plus miles a year, I haven't raced in a while but that is something I plan on doing again in 2021. It will probably be something like a team triathlon or a long road road.

That's just a tad bit about me. Feel free to comment on the blog or use the contact us page to send me an email.

That's just a tad bit about me. Feel free to comment on the blog or use the contact me page to send me an email.

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