5 Best Suspension Trainers

What’s the most versatile, functional, mobile and user friendly piece of equipment for your home gym?

Hint: it’s also one of the least expensive.

Answer: Suspension Training.

Introduced by former navy Seal, Randy Hetrick just a decade ago, suspension training allows you to work your muscles in a whole new way. You’re able to combine strength, flexibility, and balance to produce a functional workout that is very core-centric. They can be used anywhere, anytime - and they pack up into a small carry bag for the ultimate in portability.

Finding the right Suspension Trainer for your home gym can be a mss of confusion.

That’s why I’ve scoured through the home fitness market to uncover the 5 premium suspension trainers that you should consider.

Suspension Trainer Comparisons

Buying Factors To Purchase the Right Suspension Trainer

At first glance, suspension trainers look pretty similar. You’ve got a pair of webbing straps, some buckles and a couple of foot straps. Dig a little deeper, however, and you’ll discover the things that make a difference. Here are the major considerations.

How Portable is It?

You want your trainer to be compact enough that you can take it anywhere and set it up quickly. You don’t want it to weigh more than  couple of pounds. It should also come with a handy carry bag si that you can throw it into the corner of your luggage when traveling.

You should be able to set up a suspension trainer in less than a minute anywhere that you can find a solid upright to secure it to. This is a big plus about these systems in that you can take them anywhere vs having to need gym equipment or a dvd player to do popular online workouts like the 21 day fix.

Coach using trx fitness straps
oman exercising with suspension straps in fitness club or gym.

How Solid are the Straps?

The straps on your trainer will be supporting your bodyweight, so you need to have absolute confidence in their ability to do the job. Make sure that it’s made from commercial grade webbing and that the buckles are constructed of carbon fiber.

Are The Handles Comfortable?

You’ll be gripping the handles with both your hands and your feet, so you want them to be comfortable. That means that they should be slip resistant, soft and ergonomically designed to contour to the shape of your hands and feet.

How Solid is the Anchor?

You suspension trainer will either anchor to a door or to a ceiling mount. Either way, it must be extremely solid and secure. Just as importantly, you don’t want it to leave any marks on the door or ceiling. Check that the system has a minimum capacity of 350 pounds.

What Sort of Support Does It Offer?

Suspension training is still relatively new. It’s important, therefore that it comes with training and support material. A set-up guide and DVD workout should be the norm.

Anchor for suspension strap
Fit girls in gym doing plank exercise for back spine and posture Concept pilates fitness sport.

How Much Does it Cost?

One of the coolest thing about buying a suspension trainer is that, considering everything that it can do, it is a relatively inexpensive piece of gym equipment. Expect to pay anywhere from $40 for a generic brand to over $200 for the most high profile brand name trainers.

Dont’ assume that a trainer that is twice as expensive as another is twice as good. Use the criteria outlined above as your guide and you won’t go wrong.

Top 5 Best Suspension Trainer On The 2021 Market.

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TRX Suspension Trainer System

TRX trainers are the most popular on the planet for commercial gym use. As you’d expect the heavy grade strapping, buckles and cradles are top quality. You also get a pair of quick release carabiners and soft, comfy handles and foot supports. You also get an extension strap to allow for more versatility, along with a sturdy door anchor. Your purchase comes with a quality workout DVD that features a complete set up guide, followed by two graduated workouts.

The TRX system is a very robust, high end suspension trainer. But, it comes at a price. You’ll pay more than double what the others in our Top 5 will cost you.

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GoFit Gravity Bar Bodyweight Training System

The GoFit Gravity Bar System is a dedicated doorway trainer. It will give you a solid lock down on any standard doorway and will support a user bodyweight of up to 300 pounds. Importantly, this system won’t leave any marks on your door surrounds. A push button system allows for instant adjustment of the strap. The webbing of this trainer is high grade with double stitching, solid buckling and quick change carabiners.

The GoFit Gravity Bar System comes with a complimentary door mounted pull up bar to allow you to take your workouts even further. In addition, you get a quality workout training DVD and a Get Started guide. This system comes in at a great price.

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Crosscore 180 Bodyweight Trainer

The Crosscore 180 Bodyweight Trainer is a unique addition to the suspension market because it features a pulley design that makes the trainer more unstable. This ramps up the core training effect in every exercise. To convert to a conventional trainer, you can use a locking pin. This gives you two trainers in one device. The downside is that the extra pulley makes the Croscore 180 twice as heavy as the competition.

The webbing on the CrossCore 180 is military grade, so you can confidence that will give you the support you need. The buckle system and pulleys are also extremely solid.

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NOSSK Twin PRO Bodyweight Fitness Strap Trainer

This bodyweight suspension trainer could be your next ticket to a full body workout at a great price. It comes with a booklet showing you how to do the different exercises.

There are 3 things that are unique about the Ultimate body press trainer.

  1. The strength of the strap is awesome made with 1st grade military strength.
  2. The straps are extra wide for more durability and 8 foot long.
  3. The anchor system allows you to strap it to pull up bars, beams, doorways or anything you can wrap it around to secure it.
  4. Rubber grip handles and a soft non-scratching foot loop.

Note: Great entry level price to get started in body weight resistance training and it’s quick s-hook attachment opens up opportunities to attach it to multiple objects, especially to outside structures!


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RECOIL S2 Gym - Premium Quality Suspension Trainer

This is a high end suspension trainer that if you are looking for quality, easy of use and commerical grade you will want to take a look at the Recoil S2.

  • Push button adjustment to lengthen or shorten the straps
  • Non slipper and firm rubber grips
  • Tangle free
  • Mountable on Ceiling, wall. I hang mine on my power tower
  • Set it up in seconds and start working out!

The brand new Recoil S2 delivers hardcore materials that provide absolute confidence in your workouts. It’s has a recoil system to keep the band from slipping.

Strengthened cross stitching makes this an amazingly durable strap. It’s easy to set up, use and readjust without slipping thanks to the fast adjust straps. Rubber grip handles and double can buckles ensure comfort and support.

It comes with a door anchor, suspension anchor and a Get Started guide. 

Suspension Trainer in Review

You now have the knowledge you need to make a smart buying decision. I’ve spent a lot of time and effort to plow through a ton of product manuals, videos, and online reviews to bring you the facts that you can rely upon. If you have benefited from this article, please share it with your friends and I recommend looking at the TRX Suspension trainer  to start your search for a suspension trap to workout at home with.

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