Best Jump Ropes For Working Out and Weight Loss

If you are searching for the best jump rope to include in your workouts for weight loss, to include in your boxing workouts, jump rope competitions or you just looking for one to add to your home gym you will find what you are looking for in my jump rope reviews below.

I have included 3 ropes for beginners, or the casual user. Next I listed 3 ropes that would be used by someone more serious in their workouts that are specific toward what boxers would use. These are also great for competitive jumping or experienced athletes.

Lastly I listed 3 ropes that would be great for weight loss workouts and have some nice technology to use with them.

We will start with a quick at a table comparison and then jump into the specific jump ropes for different sports and workouts. Let's get started!

So, you have decided that learning to jump rope is going to be one of your next fitness goals. You will be surprised to see just how many choices you have for a beginner jump rope.

I would like to help you with that choice so you have a great experience right out of the gate. What you want to look for in a beginner jump rope are the following qualities.

  • The rope should be adjustable in length
  • Light weight or ergonomic handles to prevent fatigue
  • Coated metal cable, for durability
  • Not an ultra-light weight cable, they can hurt until you get your rhythm.
  • Easy rotation from handles to cable

PowerSkip Jump Ropes

The PowerSkip Jump Rope is a great beginner rope because you can use it to build stamina and endurance after you develop your rhythm.

Features List

  • Memory foam handles, ergonomic shape
  • Adjustable cable length
  • Lifetime warranty if not satisfied
  • Online training videos
  • Ball bearing system in the handles for smooth rotation

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Since the beginning jumper will be looking for comfort, this product would be a great choice. The handles are made of memory foam and shaped ergonomically so the arms won't get tired as fast as they would when using other heavier models.

When first learning to jump, missing a skip is common and the rope hits your legs. The polymer coated cable on the PowerSkip is very forgiving and you won't end of with multiple bruises on your chins. It is also tangle free.

The handles attach to the cable by a ball bearing system that allows the cable to rotate easily for a smooth spin.

Is It Worth Getting?

Customers have found this product to be of high quality and like the fact that the cable is a bit heavier so they could feel where that cable was when they started swinging the jump rope.

Others have thought that the cable was hard to adjust. As I see it, this would make an excellent beginner product and as you progress, the jump rope goes with you.

No need to purchase a new one for a long time. The PowerSkip Jump Rope will help your start your jumping career and keep it going for years.


  • Comfortable handles reduce arm fatigue
  • Coated cable helps minimize the risk of injury
  • Smooth rotation ensures a tangle-free spin
  • Adjustable length offers customization for individual preferences
  • Lifetime warranty provides peace of mind


  • Challenging to adjust the cable
  • Heavy cable may be less suitable for advanced jump rope techniques

Crossrope Starter Set For Beginners

If you are serious about learning to jump rope, take a look at the Crossrope Starter Set. This set is of unique quality and design. With the two jump ropes provided, you are set to start building your agility, strength and endurance. Yes, there's an app for this!

Features List

  • Weighted ropes make learning easier for beginners
  • Quick change weighted PVC coated rope system
  • Spinning ball bearing handles
  • Includes lightweight speed rope and heavyweight jump rope
  • Easy to control rotation for maximum spin on the rope

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This set is built for fat burning workouts, whether it is endurance, agility, strength, coordination, CrossFit games, or to build your cardio vascular system.

It is a very unique weighted jump rope that let's beginners started fast and those of you who are advance to really enhance your workouts with a ton of variety

You will get a total body workout with the PVC coated, wire core rope as you learn how to master the art of jumping. You can change ropes fast with the unique click system on the ends of each rope.

It attaches with high quality ball bearings which is great for speed and consistency!

With the PVC coating you can use this product indoors or outdoors on any surface. You can also take it with you when you travel.

The handles have comfort grip wrapping and are made of a high-grade plastic. The ball bearings in the handles allow for top speed while jumping.

To help you get started, the company includes a reference guide filled with tips and techniques from experts. Take your workout routines on the go with an app from the App Store or Google Play.

Is It Worth Getting?

This is a great starter set and it has all the extra help you need as a beginner. Some customers don't want to spend this much as a beginner but It will turn out to be a small investment due to its' versatility and quality. This Crossrope Starter Set will service you for years with a lightweight rope and a Heavyweight Jump Rope.


  • Weighted design aids beginners master new techniques more quickly
  • Switch between a lightweight speed rope and a heavyweight jump rope easily
  • Smooth and consistent rotation for enhanced speed and performance
  • Suitable for various workouts
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors on any surface


  • Pricier than other jump ropes
  • May be too much for those who aren’t yet committed to jump rop workouts

Smart Rope Pure Bluetooth 4.0 Enabled (Beginners)

With the Smart Rope Pure you don't have to give up all your high-tech knowledge to become a rope jumper. This Bluetooth enabled jump rope will monitor, record, and track your progress.

  1. Synchronizes with mobile phone
  2. Smart Gym App (iOS, Android, Apple Watch)
  3. Internal technology in the comfortable handles
  4. The jump rope adjusts to your height
  5. Records up to 100 sessions 

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As with learning any other sport, there is more to using a jump rope or speed jump rope than you thought. You need to have the right length of rope, comfortable handles, the right place to jump for your equipment, the rotation of the handle, and on and on.

You can think about those things while the Smart Jump Rope Pure keeps tracks of the number of jumps, calories burnt and the time of the workout. Just pair with the Smart Gym Mobile App via Bluetooth and you're set!

The handles attach at a comfortable 45% angle and are evenly weighted with a smooth ball bearing at the end for great rotation. The handles are transparent and have magnetic accurate sensors in them.

The ball bearings help the beginner learn how to spin the rope without tons of effort. You will have the ability to adjust the jump rope to fit your height which is very important when learning to jump rope. Check with professional on how to do this adjustment.

Is It Worth Getting?

If you are stuck on technologybut want to learn the old art of jumping rope, this is your answer. Most people want to just pick up the rope and jump, but for others, technology is the answer

Keep track of all your results on your mobile device and track your progress as you build stamina and endurance. Enjoy the Smart Rope Pure.


  • Track and monitor your progress via the Smart Gym App
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and Apple Watch
  • Provides real-time feedback on your jump rope workouts
  • Easily adjustable to fit the user’s height
  • Records of up to 100 workout sessions
  • Evenly weighted handles and smooth ball bearings for effortless rotation


  • Comes at a premium cost
  • May be overwhelming for those who prefer a more traditional approach

Epitomie Fitness Sonic Boom M2 Speed Jump Rope

The Epitomie Fitness Sonic Boom M2 Speed Jump Rope is one of the highest quality products on the market. Handles come in a multitude of color and are almost indestructible. The rope can be customized for every individual to provide you with a great workout.

Features List

  • No tools needed to adjust the rope
  • Handles are heavy duty hardened aircraft aluminum
  • Handles are made with nylon bearings for fast rotation
  • Can be Used with bare or coated rope
  • Lifetime guarantee on the handles

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It is one of the fastest spinning ropes due to its anti-friction nylon bearings. You will be amazed at the smoothness of the spin and how easy the rope is to control.

When training for the ring, speed is paramount, and this is the rope that will increase the speed your need.

The handles on the product are lightweight and easy to grip while being sleek and sturdy. They are constructed of heavy duty hardened aircraft aluminum and come with a lifetime guarantee. The textured handles give you an anti-slip grip.

It's easy to customize your jump rope to the desired length and you do not need any special tools. You can also order the handles in several different colors so you will be able to spot them in a busy gym.

Is It Worth Getting?

The Epitomie Fitness Sonic Boom M2 will give a great conditioning workout. Made of high quality materials, such as the handles that have a lifetime guarantee. This speed jump rope will be a great addition to your training regimen.

If you want to change the rope, it will accommodate replacement ropes with different coatings. It can also be ordered in youth size to accommodate the younger beginning boxer.


  • Doesn’t need special tools to customize the rope length
  • Has long-lasting handles
  • Backed by a lifetime guarantee
  • Ensures quick and smooth rope rotation
  • Can be used with bare or coated rope
  • Customizable handle colors


  • Likely to be more expensive compared to basic jump ropes
  • May be too much for those new to jump rope workouts

Tangram Smart Rope

The Tangram Smart Rope is a revolutionary fusion of fitness and technology. It is designed to elevate your workout by seamlessly integrating advanced features with a sleek and user-friendly design.

Features List

  • Handles are weighted for maximum control of LED display
  • 45% angle on handles for a natural feel
  • LED displays jumps, calories burned, double unders
  • Can be used for 36 hours of active exercise on one charge
  • Ball bearing handles result in a smooth rotation

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When using the Tangram Smart Rope you are able to keep track of your training record and archive the info so you train smarter. Paired with the Smart Gym App via Bluetooth 4.0 LE, you have a two-way communication with your Smart Phone.

Each handle has two sets of ball bearing that allow the ropes’ motion to be consistently smooth. With this ease of use, you can rotate it fast enough to do double unders, giving you a great workout.

This product is powered by a lithium battery and charging is done by using a common micro-USB cable. (not included). It will most likely be the same cable you use to charge your smart phone.


If you want to get a good workout jumping rope and want to keep track of your progress with the best technology on the market, this product is right for you.

The fact that this ropes’ rotation is so smooth, will make you appreciate its’ quality as well as its’ amazing technology. For a boxer in training that likes to keep impeccable records, you will be happy with this product.


  • Doesn’t need special tools to customize the rope length
  • Has long-lasting handles
  • Backed by a lifetime guarantee
  • Ensures quick and smooth rope rotation
  • Can be used with bare or coated rope
  • Customizable handle colors


  • Likely to be more expensive compared to basic jump ropes
  • May be too much for those new to jump rope workouts

RPM Fitness Speed Rope 3.0

If you are just starting to train for boxing type workouts, you need a fast jump rope. Try the RPM Fitness Speed Rope 3.0 and you will be doing double unders in no time. Because the rope is so light, your speed will increase dramatically in days.

Features List

  • Extremely light in weight
  • Uncoated cable makes it even lighter
  • Rope will adjust to your height
  • Rapid motion will increase your double unders
  • Handles are light and easy to grip
  • Double unders jump rope

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The RPM Speed Rope 3.0 is one of the lightest ropes you will find on the market. When training as a boxer, your workout time will be less strenuous using a rope that is so light in weight. Plus, your ability to do double unders will improve greatly with this speed rope.

Having a jump rope the right length for your height is very important and this rope can be cut to fit any one as recommended by professionals.

You can purchase this product in five different handle colors. The handles have a dual axis rotation so they stay on the end of the jump rope so there isn't torque build up in the cable.

Since the cable is not coated, it is even lighter in weight. It may hurt a little when you miss but that is just part of learning.

Because of the quality of this product, you may never have to buy another jump rope, EVER.

Is It Worth Getting?

Although the RPM Speed Rope 3.0 is somewhat more expensive, you will find that it is much easier to train with than ropes that weigh more.

Customers are very impressed with the speed they gain due to its' light weight and claim that their training sessions are more intense with faster results.

Try the RPM Fitness Speed Rope, it would make an excellent rope for workouts requiring speed and people who wants to increase stamina and endurance.

Is it possible to lose weight by jumping rope? Yes, it is possible but as with any kind of weight loss regime, you need to burn more calories than you take in. You can't jump rope for 30 minutes a day and sit down and have a big glass of sweet tea when you are done and expect to drop a few pounds.

A person that weighs 125 pounds can burn 300 calories by jumping rope for 30 minutes, a 185 pound person can burn 444 calories by jumping rope for half an hour. The secret is to lower your caloric intake daily and jump daily.

As with any weight loss program, consult with your Doctor before starting. Jumping rope will instantly affect your cardio-vascular system and is a good way to build stamina and endurance. This type of exercise will affect your hips, knees and ankles so don't try jumping if you have chronic problems with those parts of your body.

Let us assume you have the okay from your Dr. and you are anxious to get started. What kind of jump rope should you purchase? I have listed the top three jump ropes below that will work best for your weight loss regime.


  • Exceptionally lightweight design for swift workouts
  • Uncoated cable further enhances its lightweight nature
  • Adjustable length to suit individual height
  • Dual-axis rotation handles prevent cable torque
  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting use


  • Slightly higher initial cost compared to basic ropes
  • Uncoated cable may cause discomfort if jumps are missed during training

Buddy Lee Areo Speed Rope

The Buddy Lee Aero Speed Rope is perfect for those seeking an effective and efficient workout experience. Offering a smooth and tangle-free jump rope experience, this rope is engineered to help you shed calories through high-energy workouts.

Features List

  • Made for power jumping with ultra speed
  • Handles are 6″ of T-grade aluminum
  • Swivel bearings eliminate friction
  • Voted fastest, smoothest and best balanced
  • Smooth turning action in all directions

Click Image For Best Price

The Buddy Lee Areo Speed Rope was made for speed and speed suggests exerting energy and that is what needs to happen to lose weight by jumping rope.

The swivel bearing system allows the rope to stay tangle free and it can turn in all directions for a smooth rotation.

The aluminum handles not only look good but are made from t-grade aluminum, which is a superior quality made for durability. If you should need to replace the bearings, a swivel bearing wrench is included.

The jump rope is adjustable for people that are 6 feet, 5 inches and under and is a twisted rope cord. Some customers were not happy with the cord as they thought it was to light in weight and not durable.

Is It Worth Getting?

The Buddy Lee Aero Speed Rope would be a light weight jump rope to start your weight loss program with. Its' smooth turning action is what you need to keep up your speed as you burn off those calories. It has all the features you need to get started.


  • Designed for high-speed workouts and effective calorie burning
  • Premium T-Grade Aluminum Handles for durability and style
  • Swivel Bearings eliminate friction, ensuring a tangle-free experience
  • Voted Fastest, Smoothest, and Best Balanced in its category
  • Provides smooth turning action in all directions


  • Twisted rope cord may feel too lightweight for some users
  • Limited height adjustability, suitable for individuals 6 feet, 5 inches, and under

Sweet Sweat Performance Jump Rope

The Sweet Sweat will give you a full body workout starting with a great core awakening! Whatever your height, you will be able to adjust the cable for a perfect fit. Instructions are included on how to fit the rope to you as an individual.

Features List 

  • Adjustable length rope
  • Rotating ball bearing handles
  • Rope is durable and plastic-coated steel
  • Light weight for quick rotation
  • 90 day money back guarantee

Click Image For Best Price

The rope is a plastic-coated steel cable, but it is light in weight and sturdy enough to handle hours and hours of jumping so you can burn off those calories.

The handles have dual ball bearings that allow for an even rotation on the feather-light rope, and they will remain stable.

Because it is light, you can achieve maximum fat burn in the least amount of time.

The handles are also covered with a non-slip material, so your workout is never interrupted by losing your grip.

Using this product for 10 minutes produces the same burn as jogging for half an hour, and it's much more fun! It comes with a mesh carrying case, so you can take it anywhere with you and never miss a workout.

Is It Worth Getting?

Take a spin on the Sweet Sweat Speed Rope and see if you also think it produces the perfect exercise. If you are not satisfied with it, the company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. They will also give you a sample of their topical performance enhancer which is a best seller.


  • Adjustable length rope for a perfect fit
  • Rotating ball bearing handles for smooth and stable rotation
  • Durable plastic-coated steel cable for extended use
  • Lightweight design allows for quick rotation and maximum fat burn
  • 90-day money-back guarantee for satisfaction


  • Potential long-term durability concerns with the plastic-coated cable
  • Limited versatility for advanced jump rope exercises and techniques

Top YAO Digital LED Fitness Smart Jump Rope

Who ever thought there would ever be a smart jump rope? Have a look at the New Top YAO Digital LED Fitness Smart Jump Rope and see if it is what you are looking for in the latest of technological advances.

Features List 

  • Functions as a jump rope and pedometer
  • LED display is in the handles that are made of non-slip material
  • Three exercise modes
  • Rope is plastic coated steel
  • Sync to Kyto grit app and keep great records
  • Keep track of the number of skips and the time spent

Click Image For Best Price

With the Top YAO New Digital LED Smart Jump Rope, you will have access to all your stats in an instant by pairing it with a mobile phone, iPad, and Android 4.3. The app you will use is KYTO GRIT, and you can even invite your friends to jump rope with you.

This product is as multi-functional as a jump rope or a pedometer when detached from the rope. Like most jump ropes, you can adjust the length of the rope to fit your height for a perfect workout.

The handles hold the LED screen and are made of a non-slip material so you never lose your grip while jumping.

The data that your Smart Jump Rope will record are the number of skips or steps that are taken and the time spent, and you can set it to a challenge mode.

Your smart jump rope will come with an Introduction manual, USB cord for charging the unit, rope with wire inside, jump rope handle, Grit, step gauge clip, and other extras. It is powered by a lithium battery that will hold the rope on standby for 10 days and only takes 45 minutes to charge.

Is It Worth Getting?

If you don't want to leave your high-tech world behind to jump rope but want to lose weight, this is the perfect product for you. You have all the data at your fingertips, and you can track your progress instantly. You can make jumping rope a challenge by setting up a timed routine with the Grit App.

All of this is portable, so you can take your YAO New Digital LED Smart Jump Rope with you if you need to travel.


  • Functions as both a jump rope and pedometer for versatile workouts
  • LED display in non-slip handles for easy tracking of stats
  • Offers three exercise modes for varied workouts
  • Adjustable rope length to fit individual height
  • Syncs with the KYTO GRIT app to keep detailed exercise records


  • Possible dependence on smartphone for tracking workouts
  • Learning curve associated with setting up and using the app

Benefits of Jumping Rope

If you are like me, the minute you hear about the latest new workout equipment to help you stay fit, you just need to know more about it and what it costs!

One piece of equipment that will give you a total body workout has been around for years and I bet you learned how to use it when you were between 5 and 10 years old. Yup! It’s a JUMP ROPE!

  1. Improve your endurance and agility
  2. Aid in weight loss
  3. Build your cardiovascular system
  4. It’s an entire body workout
  5. Improves posture and calms your mind

Let’s look at some ways that jumping rope can benefit your entire body. Since we need to take care of our heart, or nothing else works, think about what benefit jumping rope is for your heart.

The heart is a muscle and so we need to exercise it to build up its’ endurance and have a strong healthy beat.

As you jump rope, your heart rate increases requiring more oxygen pure blood from the lungs, so your respiration increases. Now we have the heart and lungs working together as well as the muscles it takes to inhale and exhale.

Our brain has already engaged telling our shoulders, arms, legs and feet what to do so we don’t trip on the rope and look stupid.

Improves Posture

If you watch a person that is jumping rope, what does their posture look like? It stands to reason that you can’t be a slouch and try and jump rope. You need to have good posture or you won’t be able to get the rope moving. Next time you use your rope, try jumping with your shoulders forward and your head down. How does it feel? Can you even make it work?

When you get the right posture while your jumping, think about how to remain that upright when you stop the exercise. When our posture is good, our internal organs have the room to work properly.

Losing Weight

Let’s consider how jumping rope can help you lose weight. On average, if you jump around an hour, with little breaks, you can burn anywhere from 700-1000 calories.

If you are a walker, you will burn from 200-300 calories an hour. If you still have some energy after you walk for an hour (you should be able to do a 5K in that amount of time), add 15 minutes of rope jumping and you have just burned off 500+ calories.


Do you need to join a gym or exercise group and pay out monthly for this sport? This is the greatest thing about jumping rope, you can do it just about anywhere for free!

Do it in your living room, in the garage, in the driveway, at the park, or take it to the hotel with you if you need to travel. Not only is this equipment portable, it is inexpensive and I will get into that later.

Improves Mind and Body

Not only is jumping rope an entire body workout, but it can also help you psychologically as it releases endorphins in the brain to give you a more positive and happier outlook.

As you continue jumping for a period of weeks, you will notice that your balance has improved, and your endurance will increase. This type of exercise will also help to increase your bone density which is important to many people of smaller stature, especially the ladies who can develop osteoporosis as they age.

Jump Rope Material Types

You will find that the material of the rope should be an important buying factor when you are considering buying a jump rope to work out with.
The material itself will affect the weight of the rope, which will affect the swing and resistance as you are using it.

Here are a few examples of the type of material that you can expect to see jump ropes made of.

  1. Coated or Uncoated metal like Aluminum
  2. Walled Beads
  3. Nylon Woven Rope
  4. PVC Cord
  5. Leather
  6. Standard Cotton Braided and cotton core rope

Note: You will find that some of the lighter materials will tangle more than others, which is another reason you want to know exactly what you want to use the rope for in your workouts so you are happy and you are not fighting the rope during the exercise routine.

Some styles of handles that you will encounter are made of the following materials, and their shapes vary depending on the sport you use it for.

  1. Wooden Handles
  2. Plastic and Metal Handles
  3. Hollow and Solid Handles
  4. With Foam Covering
  5. Ergonomic Shaped
  6. Straight in Shape or at a 90% Angle to the Rope.

There are also handles that you can add weights to that will increase the intensity of your workout, but they are not a plus for stamina.

The Sport of Boxing and Jump Ropes

Usually, when I think about a jump rope, I think about “Rocky Balboa” because the jump rope is pretty much standard equipment for a boxer in training.

A jump rope is a simple piece of exercise equipment, but it has a variety of purposes in the sport of boxing, such as increasing the cardiovascular system, increasing stamina, and improving agility.

Jump Ropes Qualities Boxers Look For

  1. Durable material such as PVC plastic
  2. Beginners length, 16-20 inches over the head for rhythm
  3. More advanced, 6-10 inches over head for speed
  4. Lightweight handles, aluminum, hard plastic
  5. Short handles to increase speed

Competitive jumping is becoming a popular sport and includes tricks done with the rope. There are over 4,000 competitive jumpers with 110 teams in the United States. The USA has even competed in the Olympics in Speed Jumping.

Considerations for Competitive Jump Ropes

  1. Longer handles are preferred
  2. Handles with dual ball bearings
  3. Light cable, PVC cable, beaded rope
  4. Double Dutch prefer a cloth rope

Jumping rope can enhance your participation in all sports, from boxing to figure skating, because it works your entire body.

Rope Weight Factor

When searching for a rope to purchase, read about the weight of the rope. Listed below are the weights and their main uses.

  1. Lightweight rope: Build Stamina
  2. Medium weight rope: Burn Calories
  3. Heavyweight rope: The Rocky Factor

Wrapping It Up

Jump rope isn’t just for the playground; it's a full-package workout that’s got something for everyone!

Not only does it give our bodies a thorough workout from head to toe, but it also throws in some neat bonuses for our brains. Imagine reading quicker and solving math problems in a snap—all thanks to the bilateral coordination we get from hopping on a single foot while we swing that rope.

And the best part? Anyone can jump in! It doesn’t matter if you're 8 or 80—it’s a fun, easy way to get moving without needing a fancy gym or specialized equipment.

So why not give it a whirl? Grab a rope and start jumping your way to a fitter, sharper you today!

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