Beachbody Workouts Reviews

Which Workout Program Is Right For You?

I put together a list of at home workout programs that are designed to help you get in shape, lose weight, build muscle and even get ripped in the comfort of your home gym or living room.  The hardest part is trying to figure out which program is right for you.

Do these programs even work? I saw the infomercial on TV. Is it full of crap, just a scam or what?

This is where my years of experience of doing the beachbody workout program is going to come in handy for you and help you answer these questions.

Yes, they work, but everyone is at a different point in their weight loss or fitness journey so you can't just go out and buy one of them without knowing what's up. So, use this guide to help figure out what will work for you and ask me any questions you might have about it.

I'm positive there is a program for everyone here to get back in shape, get the confidence you want back, feel good about looking in the mirror and building that tone looked you have always wanted.

How Do People Get in Such Good Shape?

Here's a Secret: Getting Fit Doesn't Involve Secrets!

Best Jump Ropes

If you're ready for a better body, a healthier outlook on life, and a fun way to get in shape where you stay motivated and achieve all your fitness goals, get ready to start now! I'm here to show you there's no "secret" to toning muscle, losing weight or gaining strength.

Believe me, I've been there too, where I've lost my enthusiasm for working out and had absolutely no motivation. But after discovering that fitness is mostly mental and finding an exciting personal workout routine was the key to sticking with it, all that changed forever.

8 Ways to Get in Shape With Beachbody Workouts

Here are eight fun but highly effective workout programs made to get you on track to achieving your fitness goals and getting that body you always wanted. Ripped, slim, flexible,'s all possible: all you have to do pick the program that matches your workout personality and get started.

Beachbody Workouts On Demand Stream Workouts

Beachbody on Demand is a great solution for anyone interested in having access to over 600 workout videos from workout programs.  This is my goto source for doing my workouts so that I can switch between various programs, and it also gives me a chance to try the different beachbody workouts before purchasing a dvd.

It's rather simple to get the workouts going but you are required to use your regular internet connection at home, or you can also use your data plan on your phone if you are needing to do the workouts on the go or at the gym.

The supported devices to stream the workouts are Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, iPhone, Ipad, Apple TV and even your Apple Watch. Not sure how well the watch would work but it's possible.

Once you are logged in you access the workout library and pick the workout and start getting into the workout!  You also have access to the workout calendars, recipes and forums to get advice from instructors.   You can read my full Beachbody On Demand Review to get all the details and pricing.

#1. Unleash Your Inner Cardio Monster in Just 25 Minutes a Day

Got a high intensity craving for a super-charged fitness plan but no time to spare? Don't let the dream of losing weight and fat shredding escape you just because you're busy. I'm telling you now that it's 100% possible in 25 minutes per day. I've personally sweat my way through what's called the Focus t25 plan and it produces results.

If you're looking for way to slowly dip your toe into fitness and you're not yet sure of your own capabilities, then skip ahead to another workout below. The Focus T25 Workout Review is an intense workout for people who want to get ripped and lose weight fast.

That's not to say it's just for experienced athletes- actually, anyone can do this at any level. But prepare yourself for cardio routines that don't stop the whole 25'll definitely sweat and get the most out of 25 minutes.

T25 Calendar

I have a full page dedicated to the calendar and scheduled workouts below.


#2. PiYo - Yoga and Pilates Without Jumping or Intense Cardio

PiYo Workout Review

If there was ever a person who was perfectly suited for guiding you through your first major fitness initiative, it's the wonderfully fit and incredibly exciting Chalene Johnson.

She is just awesome! She is a trainer that makes you feel like you are working out with your best friend, and you always feel encourage to keep going and to not quit. You don't feel down on yourself for not picking up the moves or keeping up like some trainers do.

Worried about your joints, or you're just not that into insane cardio workouts?


The first thing to know about her PiYO workout is that it's low impact.

You'll actually be sculpting your new hard body but without all the crazy damaging effects of too much jumping around, which can cause painful joint issues in some people, especially further on down the road.

Chalene's program helps you Lose weight and work towards the hardest, fittest body you've ever had...

  • without jumping
  • without weights
  • without equipment
  • without straining your joints

The program itself is meant to be completed in 60 days but can easily be repeated at the end as many times as you would like to go until you reach your ideal weight.

She put together a sequence of yoga and Pilate moves that build strength, tone muscle, burn calories all while having fun.

Piyo Review

What's even better is that they have a pretty easy nutrition plan to follow that helps you control your eating portions and gets you eating correctly to really start to drop inches and pant sizes.

The workouts range from 15-40 minutes in total.  There are a couple workouts that are too short for me that I actually combined into one which was the upper and lower body workouts. That was really my only complaint about the workouts.

They could have put a little more effort into the nutrition guide planning as well. You have to sit down for an hour and really take time to plan out what you will eat. Once you get that down though it will be a snap to follow along.

I highly recommend this one if you have not been exercising for a long time, if you want something really low impact or you are a yoga and Pilates fan. You won't regret it.  So dig out the skinny jeans before they go out of style because you'll be wearing them again after your training with Chalene and her PiYo workouts. See my personal PiYo Workout Review.

PIYO Calendar

I have a full page dedicated to the PiYO Workout calendar and schedule if you want to read more about it.

#3. Sculpt Your Body with a Cutting Edge Combo P90x3

If you need to take it up a notch and break your own status quo, I recommend the P90X3 Extreme Fitness Accelerated program. If you're like me and you have experience with fitness, it might be time to up your game and burst through your fitness plateau.

Like all the best workout plans, the P90X3 is highly structured so you can get the most out of half an hour of training. When you only have so much time to dedicate to getting ripped, make every minute count. We're talking real transformations here...

This new updated program is much shorter and easier than the original p90x program but still packs the same punch.

The focus is still on strength training with weights, working in cardio to burn fat and yoga to help with flexibility and recovery. This is definitely one of my favorite programs to date. You can read my P90x3 Review to get my personal experience on it.

P90x3 Calendar

I have a full page dedicated to the P90x3 Calendar and scheduled workouts below.

p90x3 package contents

#4. 21 Day Fix Simple Eating, Simple Fitness and Fast Results

21 day fix review

21day fix is a complete nutrition and fitness system that is so simple anyone can do it! Sometimes it takes more than working out to transform your body. A holistic approach which encompasses diet, nutrition, plus workouts and which allows you to fit healthy living into your daily routine is a great way to work on attaining your perfect body from the inside as well as the outside.

21 Day Fix offers you all this- their container system makes portion control a cinch so you can eat whatever you want but still burn calories.

The flexible program can be adjusted for people just beginning on their fitness journey or it can be dialed up for people looking for that last push when they've almost reached their goals.

With easy to follow 30-minute workouts lead by celebrity trainer, buys mom and national level bikini competitor Autumn Calabrese you are in great hands! She has years of experience that lead her to creating this simple 21-day plan to help everyone. Read in detail about my  21 Day Fix Review for more information.

21 Day Fix Calendar

I have a full page dedicated to the 21 Day Fix calendar and schedule if you want to look at it.

#5. Dedicate 60 Days to Total Workout Insane Results - Max:30

STOP! WARNING! This is for people who are freaking crazy fitness fanatics or like almost puking when they work out! lol

It's funny, but I'm sorta serious because I don't want anyone buying this program unless you are dead serious about what is coming at you. It's as hard as P90x and Insanity.

The goal of these workouts is to push you beyond your limits and to failure.  You'll be doing intense cardio and plyometric moves that will burn calories like you are in a microwave but get your cardiovascular system in shape like you are a world class sprinter.

Be warned: this one is not for the uncommitted! But if you're ready for all-out pushing your body to the edge so you can bet in the best shape of your life, then there's this 60-day program that will really have you shattering your limits and breaking through to new levels.

My Insanity Max 30 Review

It's called the Insanity Max 30 and it's designed around getting the most out of 30 minutes a day for 60 days. You'll push yourself harder...every. single. day.... until by the end of two months you'll see tremendous change. You will reach your limit and you will work out until failure.

The key to the workout, which is designed by celebrity fitness trainer Shaun T., by the way, is to lead each individual to his or her maximum performance during the 30 minute workout, every day.

If you're hitting your max every day, then fitness levels should be through the roof by the end of 60 days. The key is sticking with it, which is easy because this program incorporates interval training, shown to be among the top ways to lose weight, build strength and sculpt your body.

insanitymax30 Workoout results

I would recommend this to people who have already completed an existing beachbody program, who is already fit from consistently workout out or you are an athlete who is looking to really step up your fitness level more than you have to date.

Again, this is for people who seriously want to a major challenge beyond belief working out, need to improve their athletic abilities for a specific sport requiring speed and quickness. You can read my Insanity Max 30 Review to get more information on the workout.

#6. Bodybeast - Old School Bodybuilding, New School Science

After doing T25, P90x3 and PiYo, I really enjoyed this program. It really brought me back to my roots of why I loved lifting weights and I felt like I was back in training mode for high school and college sports.

The program was developed by Sagi Kalev who is a professional bodybuilder and celebrity fitness trainer. He is a big dude and can throw you off once you first look at him.  This program is AWESOME for putting on straight up muscle, getting ripped and putting on mass.

That is the main focus. Now, many people have used that and just flat out got ripped on it. You can do the lean schedule and do just that.

If you are wanting to put on weight and pack on muscle, then you need to look at the bulk schedule.  I personally dropped 4% body fat in the first 4 weeks and man my strength just skyrocketed.

Now 4% sounds like a lot but let's not get crazy. I went from 22 to 18%. That's great but you are not seeing abs until 9-10%.  So don't think it's some fabricated lie here. I had weight to lose.

Anyways, the person who wants to do this program wants old school weightlifting exercises using dumbbells and an adjustable weight bench. He does an awesome job adding in new science with giant sets, super sets and drop sets to just kick your butt and really work your butt off. The workouts are still in that 30–45-minute range.  I was able to do these at home because I had adjustable dumbbells and a bench.

With that said you need the right equipment, or you need to watch the videos and do them at the gym. It's one of my favorite workouts to be honest now and I'm heading to do it a second time now that summer is over and it's time to get off the bike and back in the gym!  Read my BodyBeast Workout Review for more information.

BodyBeast Calendar

I have a full page dedicated to the calendar and scheduled workouts below.


#7. Master Hammer & Chisel - Kick Your Butt Into Rippness!

This is definitely for someone who is not afraid of working their butt off, pushing their body to the limit and will to commit to getting a ripped, chiseled body. You really need to have done strength training prior to starting this program. It jumps into some advanced exercises with dumbbells right off that bat that just blast your legs.

You get the lovely addition of plyometrics to kick you butt, hello P90x and Insanity is back! The workouts are under 45 minutes though and they are directed by the trainer of 21 day fix Autumn Calabres and the bodybeast trainer Sagi Kalev who really take both of their programs to the extreme and combining them into one!

dumbbell row exercise

You will get the solid portion controlled eating plan that came from 21 day fix, body sculpting exercises from bodybeast and solid chiseling exercises from 21 day extreme. I'm going through it now and I will say it's kicking my butt but I love it.

Make sure you have been working out consistently before starting this program. If you  haven't you are in for butt kicking and if you are discouraged easily you will end up not liking it and quitting. So, save this for after one of the other programs you accomplish if you are not ready.

For those of you who are crazy like myself always looking for something crazy to challenge your athleticism, hit the easy button to rippness and read the rest of my Master Hammer and Chisel Review for more detail.

#8 Brazillian Butt Lift Workout

Beachbody's Leandro Carvalho trainer has an excellent workout program geared toward women toning their glute muscles ("butt") to get that sexy look you see in fashion magazines. He has a workout schedule and several dvd workouts to take you by the hand to get the job done. You can read my Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Review for more information.

Best Butt Toning Exercises

Final Summary

Alright that sums it up. If you still have questions about what to chose please contact me. I have all these programs so I can definitely answer any more questions you might have. By far the two safest programs to start with are the 21 day fix and the PiYo program.  My all time favorite is Bodybeast because of the old school weight lifting but it was only less than an hour.

Update: 11/26/2022. I would recommend looking at the Beachbody On Demand app rather than buying one individual program. By using the application you have access to all the workouts on this page and a grand total of 600 workouts. Plus you are getting access to all the new and up coming workouts.

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  1. Hi,
    I’ve truggle to stick with programs in the past. I’m currently 5’6″ and 186 pounds. My goal is to get into the best shape of my life in the least amount if time but I’m afraid that more extreme programs are whats keeping me from sticking with a program. Am I looking at this from the wrong angle? What would you recommend for a program? I really want to cut fat and be toned.

  2. Hi, great article! I am looking for a program that builds muscle and I also want to reduce body fat. I’m at a healthy weight already and fairly advanced with fitness. Mainly need to reduce belly fat, I want to see muscle definition! What program would be best? I have up to 1 hour per day to work out.

  3. Ok i have one month to tone up, dont really care about the scale numbers. I have put on 20lbs in 4 month going from a siper active job to a sit down office job. I will continue to work out after the month but i need to shift some of the weight for a nice christmas party dress. My friend recommends shift shop but im vegetarian amd cant afford shakolody and all the things to go with it. If i just do a program what do you recommend?

  4. Hi I am looking for a workout that will tone my body up, I lost 3 stone by doing the T25 workouts as well going to the gym but now I have a saggy belly and really want to tone it up as well as building the muscle back into my legs after I had a major operation last year which has left me unable to train to 8 months, but now I am ready to dive back in but I am not sure which DVD would be the best one as I don't want to loose anymore weight I just want to tone up and build muscle and shape to my body.
    Please could u help me

    1. Zanna T25 is all about Fat loss. Sounds like you need to get focuses on your nutrition and a solid muscle toning routine. I would look at 21 day fix extreme if you want a woman personal trainer to follow or I would look at the Body Beast routine if you want more of a traditional weight lifting routine that works. The nutrition program is good too and easy to follow.

  5. Looking into beachbody to loose weight. Recovering from a heart attack and auto accident at 33yrs old… I really need some guidance into what can help. A coach online is trying to get me to sign up with the shakeology. I really need to loose 35lbs and I'd like to do work outs at home. But I'm not sure where to start.

  6. Hi Eric,

    I have struggled for 2 years to get an extra 20lbs off. I have a clean, healthy diet and work out (did orange theory for almost a year 3 to 5 days a week) , but my weight does not budge. I've even been to doctors for blood tests, thyroid tests find if there is an underlined issue, but there is not. My guess is that my metabolism has come to a screeching halt, so I'm thinking I need hard core strength training.
    Please point me in the right direction as to which dvd/workout will get me the results I'm striving for: Build muscle/tone/weight loss.

    Thank you!


  7. Hello! I started doing beachbody videos back in September, I lost 13 pounds. I did all 3 programs of T25, also 21FD and 21FDE. Now I can't figure out which one to do, I didn't like PIYO and the other programs feel very intense for me. I'll appreciate your thoughts, Thanks!

  8. Hi,
    Can you please advise me on which one of the BeachBody's program is good and will seriously help in loosing 15 serious pounds?

  9. Which one would be the best for fast weight loss for someone who is not sedentary, but hasn't done much exercise other than walking. I'm in a "biggest loser" contest with two weeks left. Changing my diet (low carb) has helped so much, but there is two weeks left and I'm starting to fall behind.

  10. Hi I've just read your comments and comparisons which were really helpful thanks, I'm still not sure what to choose. I started Shaun T workouts after children to lose baby weight, I've done insanity twice, T25 and insanity max 30 all without missing a single workout, so I'm really motivated and love having a structure, I've enjoyed insanity and max 30, did T25 after so found it a little easy in comparison (not easy just less challenging) I would still like to lose a bit more weight, I've been really pleased with the difference these workouts have made to my body shape and tone, so would like to tone further and get even better abs, I don't want to bulk up. I'm going back to work so time is of the essence, any suggestions? Thanks

  11. HI Eric, I have been referred to your site to access a podcast by Dr Monte. I can’t seem to finit, can you help me out please. Thankyou

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