T25 Workout Review – 25 Minutes of Pure Cardio

t25 workout casey lost 77lbs

I'm sure most of you landed here seeing the beachbody commercial for T25 and you are wondering what it is all about. Below I'm going to share my personal experience with you so you have an idea if it is right for you.

Feature List

  • Only 25 Minute Workouts 5 Days a week
  • No more spending hours in the gym
  • No expensive gym equipment
  • Eating plan included
  • Workout Schedule to Follow
  • DVDs to watch and follow

 My T25 Review and Experience

Table of Contents
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1. What Is It?
2. 25 Minute Workout
3. My Review Of It
4. Perfect For Busy People
5. Start Even If You Are Not In Shape
6. The First Workout
7. What's Included With It?
8. Workout Schedule
9. What Equipment Do I need
11.Personal Tips
12.Where To Buy It?

After my wife saw an infomercial on tv about it, I was exactly in your shoes where you are now looking for more information on focus T25. I was out of shape at the time and busier than heck with work and kids. I was looking for an affordable workout that would produce rapid results and it was not going to take a lot of my time each day to do it. I had cancelled my gym membership so it had to be possible to do at home.

When she told me about it, I was skeptical. As a former college athlete who has literally worked out his whole life trying every workout under the sun, I can tell if it is hype or not pretty quickly.

So my workout radar went off right away when she asked me about it. Once I personally saw the advertisement on TV, I realized it was by Shaun T at beachbody.com a well renowned personal trainer. He was responsible for developing one of the most popular cardio programs online called Insanity. He literally has helped tens of thousands of people to lose weight and get in the best shape of their lives.

Now, I'm Interested, This is Real!

My whole perspective changed because I knew this guy was the real deal and I had done Insanity before with great results! The only downfall was that is was hard as heck and really long. When I saw it was only 25 minutes, I thought man I have to look at this T25 program now.

What is Focus T25 - 25 minute Workout - Really?

Extreme Cardio WorkoutsIn a nutshell, Focus T25 is a high intensity cardio/strength training program that last 25 minutes giving you the same weight loss results as the old insanity program that was 45-60 minutes. It's all about burning fat and toning muscle. This is not a bulk up type of program.

It was developed from the ground up by Shaun-T, a world-renowned personal trainer and fitness expert. You may have heard of Shaun-T for his extremely popular Insanity Program. Which has also received rave reviews across the board.

The Insanity Program was extremely hard and long. It was really effective if you stuck with and fought through the first few weeks. Most people struggled to find the time to get it in and generally just quit doing it.

Beachbody listened to its customers though and created Focus T25. After a significant amount of case studies and research, they found out the first 30 minutes of a workout, was where participants were burning the most fat and toning muscle.
shaunt extreme cardio
So, they redesigned it to incorporate the best exercises and moves that will burn fat and tone muscle in a structured 25-minute workout session. Each workout is followed by a brief 2-5 minute stretch period to cool down so it is a 30 minute total workout.

With this workout you don't need to spend hours in the gym, buy expensive equipment, or starve to death. By doing T25 you can lose weight in the comfort of your home. The program still incorporates the best high-impact moves to engage all core areas as well as major muscle groups that insanity was so good at.

These include the quads, calves, core, upper body and hamstrings. It also includes a total body workout DVD that thoroughly focuses on the upper body to give everyone options to do a full body workout.

Who is This For?

This program was designed for anyone that is wanting to shed pounds and doesn't have a lot of time to do it in. Beachbody literally condensed an hour's workout into 25 minutes so that ANYONE could find time to workout. Busy mom's, people working 40-60 hour weeks or anyone out of shape and wants to workout at home in private, it's 4 YOU! 🙂

Why is “T25” So Effective?

LogoThe Focus T25 got its name from Shaun-T's desire to incorporate the most effective exercise combinations to loose weight. Particularly those that build the most muscle while burning the most fat possible within an intensive 25 minute session. In fact, it's so focused, you literally hit the ground running starting minute 1 of your first session, and literally do not stop until it's over.

There have been several studies done over the past few years, which actually favor the short intense workouts vs. the longer ones. Especially when the goal is to burn fat. I believe that they both have their purposes and advantages.

For example, if you're seriously into endurance sports such as long-distance running or triathlons, then you definitely need those intensive 60-90 minute workouts. Short workouts, no matter how intense just won't cut it.

This program's goals are very clear: - Shred fat, get you eating right and get you either toned up, or ripped!

Why Am I Doing This Focus T25 Review For You?

In case you're new to this blog, let me introduce myself. My name is Eric Ellis (my “about us” page), I'm a long-time athlete and lifelong sports/fitness enthusiast. I started this blog to cover all the topics that are near and dear to me within that realm. So, I wanted to give you my honest review of Of T25 to help you get in shape.

Most of you probably never heard of beachbody's products and the fact that you probably saw the infomercial for T25 you are thinking it's a scam or another fad. So, I figured why not let people know this is real and it works and tell them why. Plus, there is nothing better than hearing from someone with “hands on” experience with the product.

guy doing it at home(By “hands on” I mean I actually use the program myself. I am not just some website talking about something I have never tried. I am a real person just like you. And I have finally found something that works, for men and women

As soon as I saw that it was a BeachBody product developed by Shaun-T, I already knew it had to be a winner. Having gone through most of the major intensive workout programs out there, including Tony Horton's P90x, 10 Minute Trainer, P90x3, as well as Shaun-T's Insanity Program, let's just say I have some experience with how effective these types of programs are by Beachbody.

Whether you're a workout addict like me looking for an intense weight/cardio program, or even just someone looking to lose weight while getting in shape fast, this is your lucky day.

Chances are pretty damn good that it will be a great choice for you!

It will help you loose weight so you can fit into those jeans sitting in your closet and it will absolutely help you with your cardiovascular. This is great for runners, cyclist or anyone wanting a short workout to work on their speed as well.

Most people workout because they want to stay healthy and fit. I, however, have a rather unconventional motivation. See, over the years, I've beaten my body up in various ways in my athletic career which leaves me with nagging aches and pains when I do not stay in shape.

So, I made fitness, nutrition and staying healthy a way of life, of course with a balance. I still go out for drinks and eat pizza. I'm not that crazy. 🙂

The Perfect Workout Program For Busy People!

T25 - 25 minute at home workoutOver the years, I found myself wanting to optimize my workout time to progressively shorter sessions as I went along. I wanted them to be as fast, simple and effective as possible. To put it plainly, I do not want to spend couple hours each day working out.

This is obviously a common problem. Who has that kind of time when you are working full-time and have a family?

If you're one of those people too, take my word for it. This is the workout for you!

Just a half hour, no major equipment needed, that you can fit it in anywhere in your day, five times a week. Boom.

You can even do it during your lunch break! Quite simply, you no longer have an excuse for not being able to do a quality workout.

When I started on it, I was not in shape...

While my expectations were high when I bought the Focus T25 package, I was also a bit reluctant to start. See, at the time I was not in prime shape, so I didn't think I was quite ready to try a new program yet.

Then again, after seeing all the results people had with Focus T25, I knew I had to give it an honest shot. My reluctance kept telling me to start off easy.

Yet on the same token, I realized that I was out of shape due to holding back lately. So despite having doubts I jumped right in. piviot-lungesMy wife said she would do it with me, and would be a great source of motivation and accountability.

If you are in a place where you are overweight, have not worked out for several weeks, months or years then I can relate.

How about today you decide to take the first step and get back on the road to getting back in shape.

The first step is the hardest but if you do not take it you will never get there. I know you can do it if you just give it an honest try and give it a try here.

My Experience With DVD1 - It’s Cardio Central Time!

Why does the first workout need to be cardio?? Crap!! This was my wife's first BeachBody program, so I asked her with a grin... “are you ready?”.

She had no idea what a workout with Shaun-T would be. 🙂

10 minutes into it she was dripping with sweat saying holy cow this is awesome. Well and a few swear words. 🙂

cardio-t25-dvd1Right out of the gate, Shaun-T sticks to what he's famous for. Due to my experience with his Insanity routine, I knew he was going to start with cardio, but wow!

Shaun-T maximizes 25 minutes in ways I have never seen before.

By far the most intense 25 minutes I have spent on a workout in a while! I knew this was the real deal at this point.

Update: 01-05-2017: So, I started T25 again this morning combing it with PiY Video  in the afternoon or P90x3. It reminded me of how challenging the first workout will be.

Right out of the gate you will get your heart rate up and your legs moving.

If you have not worked out for a long time, follow Tanya the modifier.

I say this because he will have you running in place and jumping side to side within minutes. 🙂 It will be really easy to get discourage. So, set yourself up for success the first time by taking breaks and following the modifier for the first 25 minutes.

You will get your first break at 13 minutes and then another change of pace with 9 minutes left. Fight to stay with him at least until then.

When I was done, I felt so damn good the whole day, it reminded me that commitment, hard work and never giving up will always pay off. I am really looking forward in getting t25 results.
The pattern establishes itself quickly as you go through the subsequent routines. Start with a short warm up, then jump right into burning fat and building muscle over the next 25 minutes. It's a sweat feast and work, but worth it!

Be warned: These intensive routines involve serious jumping!

Jumping ExercisesIf there is anything you can possibly call a downside in this program, this may be it. Like Shaun's Insanity program, you really need to be careful about the jumping aspects of the routines! Especially if you have any lingering knee or back issues.

Let me repeat that. You need to modify the workout if you have current knee problems. You will do lateral jumping side to side. I struggle with knee issues, but I am smart about it. If anything puts me at risk than I do what I can or modify if. You should do the same.

Fortunately, Shaun-T thought about this and includes a modified version for people like you and me. This is great for people who have not worked out in a long time. When you feel like you are not keeping up do the easier version. Eventually you will do the harder one with him.

I know you may feel like you are cheating doing the modified version. This is farthest from the truth. Don't worry, you'll burn plenty of fat even with the modified version, I can assure you of that! 🙂 Ok we are almost done.

quickstart guide

What's Included in Focus T25 Workout Program:

  1. Quick Start Guide – so you hit the ground running!
  2. 11 25-minute workout DVDs – Your workout schedule is 5 days a week.
  3. T25 Workout Schedule
  4. 5 Day Fast Track Guide – A great jump start for the program!
  5. Nutrition Meal Plan – super-easy/time-saving meal planning!
  6. Wall Size Workout Calendar – track your daily progress!
  7. Workout Resistance Band – The only equipment you will for the workouts (other than a decent floor/yoga mat)!

The program includes the very detailed Nutritional Meal Plan as well as a Five-Day Fast Track Meal Plan. These plans are easy to follow, tell you what to eat and exactly when to eat it. There is literally no room for error and helps you keep focused.

t25 package contentsBear in mind that this element is critical to your success. If you're like most people who eat the standard three meals a day, prepare for a change. Because with this program, you'll be eating five to six smaller meals a day.

Focus T25 - Workout Schedule Break Down

Month 1 - Alpha Phase Workout For The Foundation (5 DVD's)

  1. Cardio - non stop cardio exercises for 25 minutes.
  2. Speed 1.0 - works on improving your speed, stretching and stability. (Dancers will rock this one!)
  3. Total Body Circuit - cardio and strength related movements.
  4. AB Intervals - I would recommend a yoga mat or soft carpeted area.
  5. Lower Focus - Rest up your legs You will feel this one!
  6. Stretch - Ah finally a break. This will become your best friend!

Month 2 - Beta Phase Workouts For The Core (5 DVD's)

  1. Core Cardio - This is a step up from the Cardio workout in Month 1.
  2. Speed 2.0 - After perfecting the basics in Speed 1.0 Shaun T steps it up a notch and the pace with new moves
  3. RIP’t Circuit - This is a sequence of Upper body, legs, abs and repeat.
  4. Dynamic Core - Crazy Core Workout with lots of dynamic exercises in it.
  5. Upper Focus - Strictly Upper body workout to build strength.
  6. Core Speed - Working in core and agility moves to increase your speed.

Included in the package is a calendar that will tell you what day to do each workout. You grab the dvd for that workout, hit play and you follow Shaun T. through the 25 minute workout. Super simple!

Do You Need Any Of The Extra Promotional Items Offered?

In one word, no. However, if you have the extra cash, I highly suggest you go for the Shakeology shake! It's a great solution for meal replacement and recovery drink. Low in sugar and carbs, packed with protein and it taste great. Definitely a contributor to the nutrition plan to lose weight. It's a bit on the pricey side, but then again most of the quality products are. One trip to GNC or Whole Foods will tell you that. Also a yoga mat would not hurt. I helps keep sweat off the carpet and offers padding when on the floor doing exercises.

Check Out These two testimonials

Here are a few people that are featured on the Focus T25 home page. Karen lost 19lbs during T25 and was rocking the bikini and saved monthly fees on not having to buy a gym membership.

Testimonial From Karen

I love this one. For anyone who thinks they are too overweight to start, Josh proves everyone wrong. This guys' life will never be the same.

josh lost 90lbsJosh's testimonial

Lastly, if you are here still doing your research on the program and wanting more information see my review below for more information.

My Personal Tips...

t25 workout reviewMake no mistake about it. This is a high intensity program. Even if you're mentally ready, you also need to be at least somewhat physically ready to take it full-on. So please... follow these tips:

  • If you're really out of shape, take it slow. Pace yourself at the outset and do what you can for the whole workout!
  • If the jumping is too much for you, start with the modified version.
  • Be prepared to sweat your ass off and feel serious leg burn!
  • The first week will be hard so don't quit. Commit to completing it.
  • Repeat the first week if you need too.
  • Invest in the Shakeology product only if you really need an excellent meal replacement – (Highly Recommended!)
  • The warm-up periods were a bit short for my taste. I suggest some more active stretching before starting.
  • The warm-down is a bit short as well, consider more stretching post-session.
  • Plan your meals and cook them on Sundays. Keep them in small containers so you can easily grab them on the go.
  • I freeze some of my meals and take them out on Wednesdays to use later in the week.
  • Workout in the morning before work, that way nothing can get in your way later to force you to skip the workout.

Got questions? Need help? Drop me a line and leave a comment!

Summary and Time to Get Started...

Note: You will notice that BeachBody offers three different packages: The Basic (the least expensive), The Deluxe (their mid-range product), and The Challenge Pack (provides everything but the kitchen sink!). Pick the right package for you based on your needs and budget here!

Remember you can do this at the comfort of your own home, you don't have to buy equipment and you are saving on a monthly gym membership to justify this. So, go ahead and get your package below and post back your comments on how you are doing so others can hear about your results too!

179 thoughts on “T25 Workout Review – 25 Minutes of Pure Cardio”

  1. I am on week 4 of Alfa. Do recommend to just continue onto Beta after the 5 week? I’ve almost got it all of Alpha down but I want to get it down completely. I don’t want to start the whole Alpha schedule all over again, or should I? or should I repeat certain weeks?

  2. It’s a new year and this program is still great 25 minute fat burning workout. You get in and out quick and your done for the day!

  3. I am on day four and have lost 2ib all ready. The only thing I do not like is on the add they put the split screen on to show the modifier at the same time as the intense work out. This doesn't happen and on some of the exercises it is half way through before you see the modifier.

    This is more difficult when you are doing floor excessive. I am sure when I know how to do them this will not matter but it is worth considering next time any new CD is produced

  4. Hi there, great blog. I'm just about to finish my fourth week of the Alpha cycle and couldn't recommend t25 enough, especially for those wanting to start getting into shape. I'm currently cycling 10 to work and back every day, as well as hitting the gym 5 times a week. For me the length is just right, and the intenisty is spot on. Because of my other fitness commitments I follow the modifier for a couple of exercises, mainly quad related and press ups.
    I'm finding that it's giving me more definition than just carying on with my other exercises, but my weight loss is rather slow. I'd put that down to not changing my diet to much, but now I'm on the zone, I'll start making a few adjustments. Diet is defenantly key.
    Good luck everyone.

  5. Hi,

    Love the review. I have the program for awhile now and wasn't sure if it would be right for me. I need to lose at least 70 pounds. Wasn't sure if 25 minutes a day alone would help me achieve my 1 year goal. Besides eat8ing healthier, Do you recommend to do any other routines as well? For example, weights every other day, walking daily, or adding in some other type of cardio? Any input would be helpful.
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Shannon,
      I hope you started it! I'm in the same boat as you. I also have to lose about 60 pounds…Plus I am 46! I am on week 5 of Alpha and I LOVE it! My scale is old and inaccurate, so I haven't been too neurotic about weighing myself, but in 4 1/2 weeks I have lost about 15 pounds. It's HARD, especially if you are as out of shape as I am, but if you stick with it you WILL see results! I still have to do the modified moves when it gets too hard, but I never quit. I did change my diet and I do walk my dogs for 2 miles every night (weather permitting). I cannot wait to see where I am at the end of week 10! Hopefully you started it….If not, I highly recommend the program. IT DOES WORK!

  6. Thankyou for your detailed review. I'm still confused between T25 and max 30! I do workout but I'm 40yrs of age with lower back (disc) and neck and shoulder problems. Ive done insanity twice but could never keep up! It made me feel like I was cheating and I felt guilty! The workouts however, were just too long and now I'm not feeling motivated to do insanity as I think I'm bored of it.. I know every word Shaun T is going to say in every video before he says it! My sisters wedding is in June and I need to lose 2stone.. do you recommend T25 or max 30? Both are too expensive to purchase together. Your advise would be greatly appreciated!

    1. T25 is easier than insanity and max 30. It's 25 minutes of cardio and jumping exercises that are similar to Insanity. Max 30 is 30 minutes of the same type of exercises but you are maxing out your body with everything you got. I personally wouldn't recommend either if you have lower disc issues because of all the jumping. Either one of these 2
      would be a better option and also combine strength training.

  7. Hi I didn't catch your reply until now ! I started the first Monday of Jan and have been doing it since using the Modifier as I cant do all the jumping, I take my time and don`t push myself too hard and i have noticed i can do more and more , and I haven't had much problems with my nerve as long as i take it easy the rest of the day, with T25 and just eating healthier ,I have lost a total of 13 cms around my waist and am really proud of myself. My point is even with my nerve i have managed to do it and that I highly recommend T25

  8. I'm 190lbs and 5'5, I've been doing this program for the past 4 days and It's very hard but I'm feeling better at it slowly I can do more and more as the days go by , sometimes I do it in the morning and in the night shouldn't I do that? I'm trying to lose weight slowly , because my fear is to end with a lot of loose skin and I don't want that, so any tips for me? Also doing a diet to help the weight loss and I also walk and run when I don't do the focus 2 times per day

    1. Hey Jamie that is a great attitude. I personally would back off doing it 2 times a day. That's a lot of jumping and pounding on our knees to start out with. Keep trusting and believing in yourself. You are on the right track but you have to be patient. Consistency wins the game. Follow the 80/20 rule. Get your workouts and diet right 80% of the time and go off it the other 20 and have fun. I would give this a solid 3 weeks before I introduced something else. Walking 1-3 miles would always be another alternative for your 2nd workout that would be safe and help recovery in your legs. The first week is hard. 2nd is a bit easier and the 3rd you start to pick steam. Keep accomplishing small goals and it eventually adds up to the big one!

  9. I just completed week one of t25 bearing in mind i have knee issues, as someone who is solely going to depend on modifications with an aim of weight loss, can i lose weight using the modified versions seeing as you also experience the same.

    1. I would be-careful about the later jumps especially side to side. If you go after it following the modifier to get a solid 25 minute workout in, it will definitely help. Diet will be the real test though. If you don't follow something sensible it won't matter what type of workout we all do. Know what I mean ? Let me know how it goes.

  10. I have a trapped nerve in my leg/hip it can be really painful when i exercise or sit funny , would this make it worse or could i use it?

    1. I personally would not do the exercise. I've had issues like this where I had a bulging disc that caused numbness and pain like that. I would look for some type of traction, hit the chiropractor to help out before I would do any of this kind of plyometric exercises in this dvd.

  11. T25 is one of a good way to lose weight. I was following this program when i was diet 3 years ago (I was 53 and now 58). This also made me sweating like crazy and very exhausted but the result is worth to do!!

  12. I am 67, 6feet 2 and weigh 15 stone 8 lb I am on day 5 week one and yes I highly reccomend t25 to get in shape. lose weight etc.

    1. This is a great program to do that with! Give it a try and ask me any questions you might have.

  13. I am so excited to start this workout I am waiting for the package to arrive and I hope I will get in shape I am 76kg now and I want to be 52kg whish me lack

    1. That’s awesome. That first workout will have you sweating like crazy and panting. Enjoy and let me know how it goes!

  14. Hi, I’m quite slim and don’t want or need to do much cardio but want to feel and look better. Really what I want is to bulk up and gain muscle. Is this the right program for me. Thanks

    1. Hey Martyn. You want to do the body beast program. It’s focused on weight lifting, building lean muscle and bulking up based on the schedule you picked. I have had very good results with it, every time I use it.

  15. Any idea whether it is available digitally? I would like to watch it on my phone, iPad or computer – not on a DVD

    1. The only way to get it digitally to play it on your ipad or iphone would be to sign up for the beachbody.com on demand service. You can look at it here on teambeachbody’s site. What’s cool about this is that you get access to any of the programs, not just this one. I hope that helps.

    2. It currently isn’t available on Beachbody on Demand, unless you purchase the DVD first – then they give you streaming access. It’s not one of the programs that is freely available on BoD. So if you want to stream from your iPad or computer, you must buy the DVD first to get access.

    1. The basic version is $89.00 and the Deluxe is $179. The majority will want the basic. It does the job. If you extra workouts then you buy the deluxe version.

  16. QUEENCIPHER82 As BriarRose1 stated just go for it. Do what you can. You already own it, so why not. Who cares if you are a smoker or not.  Reach deep down and decide if you are ready for a change. No matter what workout or nutrition plan you do it all starts there.  Send me an email and we can talk further if you like. I have some ebooks I can send on fat loss that might help you get started.  Say good bye to the old self and start out new in 2016! If there is a will, there is a way…

  17. BriarRose1 QUEENCIPHER82 Glad to here you are sticking with it. I started this again as of Monday and it reminded me of how challenging the 1st few weeks will be. Stick at it. When it comes down to it, its about your will to change not just this program. Be proud of yourself for the steps you have taken. It’s AWESOME in itself and you are already winning the battle in my eyes.

    This is  a cardio program and is challenging. It will work but you have to start it out knowing it will be a challenge and that it will take time to learn it. I always recommend PiYo to everyone because it’s a great workout anyone can do. If you own this one already definitely do what you can do each day the best you can do it.  My calves were cramping up today, so I dogging a couple of the moves. I did jump rope in place just to keep my heart rate up until I caught my breath.  Hit me up on email if you want to talk further about it. Keep it up and report back soon!

  18. QUEENCIPHER82 Good for you!! I’m a 32 year old mother of two. I also bought it over a year ago and I let it sit on the DVD shelf. I bought it right before my mom passed and after she died, I got really depressed and I didn’t feel like doing much of anything. I’m 5’7 and I started at 240 pounds. I wasn’t really feeling in the mood to start working out, but my five year old came up to me one day and said, “Mommy, I can’t wait to group up to be big and fat like you.” What a wake-up call! I didn’t realize what a bad image of health I was giving to my kids. I decided then and there I needed to do something. I am on my 3rd week and I’ve lost 10 pounds so far. I do believe this program will help us get in the best shape of our lives. As of right now I use the modifier and sometimes I just jog in place because I can’t even do what the modifier is doing. I’m going to keep doing it. Even if I have to do it several times, until I can nail each work out, everyday for the whole program. That’s when I think I’ll be in good shape. Good luck to you, and keep at it!

  19. Hi Eric,
    I am a 33 yr old mother of two. I purchased it a yr ago and it has literally been sitting in my closet all that time….until yesterday. I am 5’3, 190 lbs and have been overweight my whole life. I have never found a workout regimen that I’ve stuck with for more than a week, plus I have been a heavy smoker for the past 10 years. I am tired of being unhealthy and therefore unhappy so I quit smoking three days ago and yesterday I pulled my copy out of the closet and did the 1st video. I found myself having to do the modified version after the first five minutes but I felt the burn and felt great after was over.
    My question is….for someone who has never been small or in shape and has been a smoker, can I really expect to get in the best shape of my life using this program? I’m tired of failing at getting in shape. Thanks in advance for your help.

  20. eabel71 Nice work. I tell people if you can just stay at it for two weeks to get passed being afraid of it, muscle soreness and learn the workouts, it actually becomes fun and you will see results!  Glad to hear you are happy with it. My wife is doing 21 day fix now and just loves that one to death You can see it here. Once you are done with it, you might consider that as it’s an all around body workout.

  21. ericdellis I just started the Beta phase this week.  I lost 11 inches during the alpha phase.  I love this workout.  I feel so much better and have muscle where there was none before.  I am still only following the modified version.  I think once I make it through the whole workout, I am going to go back to the beginning and try not following the modified version.  Thanks for checking on my progress.  Have a great day!!

  22. Hi, I started it on Monday. I got 5 workouts in so far and love it although I was only able to do one workout tonight. I’lol do the 6th one tomorrow. I already feel like it’s working but won’t know how well until I take measurements tomorrow. I am overweight and have been doing the modified version all week. If I make it through the alpha portion and am still doing the modified version, should I go on to the beta version or repeat alpha until I am able to do the higher intensity version? I was thinking I should go all the way through each section and then repeat the entire thing hoping I won’t have to use the modified version as much the second time through. Thanks for your time. Melissa

  23. Hi.. Today started my second week. Am a mom looking to get strong. Have worked out a lot in the past; need to get back in shape. It is very intense though one loves Shaun’s attitude. I follow his advice on bending knees and staying on one’s toes to protect the knees; hasn’t hurt my knees which usually don’t like high impact. Second week, I play the music on high and close my eyes and keep going till he says 4 3 2 1 which means a new exercise is coming up.. every minute or two. Keeps you on your toes. But love it..feel stronger though no weight loss. Eating clean and healthy at around 1600 (on MyFitnessPal); been only five days. Think I’ll reduce calories. Or add strength training earlier in the day. lets see.. Shaun T is amazing, and I trust his workout.

    1. Xenyen Nice work! Definitely keep at it and don’t give up, you are seriously on track and about to turn the corner on the 3rd week which the routines start to seem a bit easier and you are getting used to the exercise sequences.

      This would be a great time to add in some yoga to help recover and to build some upper body strength.

  24. How can you do this living in a flat on the top floor in my building? I don’t want to make a lot of noise moving around, knowing there’s someone below me

  25. I am into my 3rd week and think its great. As a 44 year old 105kg unfit guy i struggled with insanity and quickly gave up. However it is quick and doable and much easier to stay motivated with. In fact from the first couple days my clothing was looser and i could feel it working. My fitness is much better but i still struggle with the jumping due to sore back but i just mix in the modifier and keep the intensity up. Great program and definitely recommend it.

  26. Jacqueline Chalmers

    Hi Eric, I am a 60 year old female, slim but with the usual fat around the middle. I also have early osteoarthritis in my knees and have been told to strengthen them. I’m considering this, what do you think?

    1. I would look at the PiYo yoga and Pilates program to be honest. There is a lot of jumping in this routine that your knees would not like at all. 🙂 You can find my review of piyo on my blog here.

  27. Hi I have been doing the program for 5 weeks now and I seriously need some encouragement to carry on ! I have not lost any weight although my husband thinks my shape is changing? The thing is I’m going to be 50 in sept and I so want to feel fabulous and not frumpy ! I watch my diet all the time due to severe irritable bowel problems please please give me some advice I feel like giving up 🙁

    1. Brenda, you are doing great. What you are experiencing is a little tiny trap we all fall into when starting to lose weight. I honestly don’t go by the scale. I watch how my clothes fit. Are they getting loser or baggier. Is my face starting to thin out etc… It’s also better to take measurements so you can see progress there.

      With tracking your weight it is so fragile. Dehydration comes into play, adding more muscle as you go along and time of day you are weighing in. All of these guys can add or subtract to your weight and could get you frustrated. Keep it simple and watch the clothes get bigger and listen for the comments you are looking thinner. 🙂

  28. Erin Chamberlin

    I am 44 years old and suffer from being overweight. Recently I have been diagnosed with an eye disease and Dr would like to keep my on steroids every day. That is not something I want to do for the rest of my life. I am starting a juicing cleanse this week (today) and would also like start an exercise program. I have seen your commercial for this program and am looking forward to getting started. My problem is I have never really been into exercising, but I am not stopping now. I work 10 hour days and get up at 3:00 am as it is now. Would it be ok to do this when I get home in the afternoon before dinner time? And should this be done every day or every other day? Hopefully I will see some results between the juicing an the workouts. Wish me luck!!!

    1. Hi Eric. I am also overweight and I started my diet this week on Monday. I’m doing the recommended beach body caloric intake one which tells me breakfast should be 400cal, snack 150cal, lunch 450 cal, snack 150cal, dinner 450cal. I also started on Tuesday and I weighed myself today and I have lost 5lbs so far. Which is good for me because I have struggled with my weight for 12yrs. These videos will kick your ass but it is only 25 min long. I too have a very busy day. I work 40hrs a week, have 4 kids, a house, and husband to take care of so its pretty good time wise. I really think you should try it out. Good luck. Also, I downloaded this app its called My Fitness Pal. You can keep a food/exercise diary and you can chat with people everyday who are struggling with the same problems as you and I. I have received a lot of positive feed back and tips from these people. I hope I helped a little bit.

      1. Hi Cassandra, thank you so much for your feedback. You are right on track. You stumbled on one of my favorite free apps! That fitness pal app is awesome. I use it all the time and recommend anyone signing up for it. You can really zero in on what you eat and how much.

        How is the second week going?

    2. Erin this workout is all cardio. So you could definitely get this in after work right before dinner. I would have a snack about 45 minutes before you quit work so you have enough energy to go into the workout. You’ll sweat your butt off, tone up and get your cardiovascular in tip top shape.

  29. Hi there, I am 18 and was wondering how would this work for me exactly?

    I weigh 205 lb, am 6 ft. 3 and also good with some cardio like running long distances, but I would like to ask how will this benefit me as I already have the program and now am just contemplating if this good for me. I do have some issues with food, I don’t eat junk food really at all (Except the occasional dabble) and I don’t drink pop or carbonated drinks in general. I stay away from Coffee products and don’t smoke, but I do have some issues with maintenance on eating properly like vegetables and what-not. I don’t eat pork or beef, but mostly just boneless-skinless chicken actually.

    I however, have a hard time with exercising as I don’t really do too much and while I have muscle and work at a job that requires so, I want to be able to just shed the body fat and be in a fit condition. My goal is to shoot for 170-185 lb if possible, will this get me there? (Sadly I can’t do a push up, as my lower body and chest require extensive work to rebuild back up the momentum I once had.)

    I would sincerely appreciate some suggestion/or feedback on where I am with this.

    1. This program is designed to get you in shape, tone up and lose body fat. So, you are right on track with the program. Sounds like your diet is pretty clean but I would look at what they are recommending regarding the protein, carbs and fat ratios. Most people really miss that and get them off balanced which hinders them in the long run from really dialing in the diet.

      Best of luck!

  30. Hi 🙂 I was wondering if this product would be good for me. I’m 18 and my weight flucuates from 126 pounds to 133 pounds. I am quite petite (around 5 ft) I find it hard to exercise in a gym, in fact I don’t really at all. I just want to lose a bit of weight and tone up. What would you suggest?

  31. Brian C Derrington

    I’m in my second week of using the program and let me tell you by all accounts this workout is no joke! It will challenge you to the core and you will be begging for mercy by the end of each 25 minute session. It is well worth the money and I can’t wait to see my results at the end of the 10 weeks. This program ROCKS!! Shaun T knows his fitness.

    1. Ha that was exactly what I thought after the first workout. First week was rough and sore but the 2nd week I started to really like it. How has it been going?

  32. Hey there!

    So I’m 25, 5’2, and weigh about 120pds right now. Naturally that screams petite. I saw the informercial like most and am very intrigued. However, after reading reviews it seems like this product is mainly geared towards losing weight. While I’m sure I have some weight to lose, I am mainly looking to tone my body and build some muscle more than anything. Do you think this product would be good for me?

    Thanks in advance for your response!


  33. Lakeisha Cranford-Searcy


    I’ve been doing the program and I’m going into week 3. I have cut my calorie count down significantly, and the first week I lost 6 pounds. I have not lost any weight since then. Am I doing anything wrong? I was expecting to lose at least 2-3 pounds a week… I’m getting discouraged.


  34. Hey, Thanks for posting such a motivating review. After having my son a year ago and the stress of going back to school I have put on weight. I want to start on a low carb diet that consist of 20 carbs a day. I hope you somewhat familiar with it. Would it be effective to do this diet and the workout???

  35. Hi Eric

    Really great article! I am thinking about starting this as I’m not seeing the results I want from the gym..

    I have an issue however that lots of jumping hurts my feet (due to flat feet) after about 10 mins. Do you think this is still worth doing despite this? I wouldn’t want to use the modified version for all of the exercises – are you able to use it for some only?


    1. Nay, this would not be the program for you. I would look at the PiYo program personally or the 21 day fix. Your feet would not like the this workout even with the modifications.

  36. Hi,

    I’m 47 years old and have put on about 25 lbs in my 40s. I’ve been doing a great nutrition program that I’m enjoying (Beyond Diet). I haven’t worked out steadily in YEARS–like, 11 years–I can’t even believe that such a statement is true. I mean, I walk and hike, hop on the elliptical; but it’s random, or for 3-4 weeks at a clip. So, I’m really hoping this program works. A colleague had great results. My goal is to lose 30 lbs. I’ve lost about 7-8 in the last 6 weeks just on my nutrition plan (organic, hi protein, minimal refined sugar, no processed foods exept for occasional cheat). My commitment is to do the routine in the mornings between 5:45 – 6:30 a.m. Start tomorrow–wish me luck!

  37. Hi Eric
    I’m 49 and haven’t worked out in over 12 years. I saw the infomercial for this program and thought it might be something worth looking into. We are all a little big and should do something to lose the weight. Not only am I concerned about myself it’s my wife and two boys One is 12 and the other is 8. They are also heavy and only interested in their electronics. Is this something they could also do with mom and dad?

    1. This would be hard to get everyone to do at once unless you have a lot of room in your house. There is a lot of ploymetric moves jumping side to side and cardio type moves. I don’t know too many kids that are not into electronics at their age. 🙂 Nutrition is everything to be honest. You could do something as simple as the basic 21 day fix which would teach everyone portion control and to get the right balance of food groups involved.

  38. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the review. I ordered the program and started using it a few months ago. However, I found it tough continuing with the program for more than 4 weeks. I have now done it twice but only for 4 weeks or less. The reason being I did not see any significant changes during the program. Now everywhere Ive read or watched, I have seen people loosing significant amount of weight by week 3-4. During the four weeks (x2) I did not loose much weight if any. I was discouraged and never progressed to beta phase. Do you think I am not doing things the right way? While doing the exercises I did manage to keep up with Shaun and felt I was doing it well. Its just that the weighing scale does not agree with it. And this has discouraged me to continue. May be its the diet – I did not follow the same diet, but I was eating less than usual and in taking more of salads. Do you think protein shakes makes a difference (i did not take any). Would you recommend any other substitute to Shakeology? Any regular protein shake as Shakelogy is too expensive for me. Also do you have any substitute diet in mind?

    Some advice here would be really helpful as I am going to do another round of efforts really soon. If I see some changes I will definitely continue or else this might be my last try.

    Thank you very much for your time.

    1. Hi Prajwol. My first comment would be to never quit. Man you were just getting into the program. 🙂 Everyone is different so their body reacts different. Without knowing your diet it’s really hard to say but the majority of the issue most of the time. People naturally fall into “I should eat less”. While the concept is right you can go wrong really fast hear and I could write along blog post on it. Most people just “eat good and less, three times a day thinking they are ok. If you do not do that right your body thinks you are trying to starve itself and actually slows down your metabolism. That is the best I could put it in layman terms. The nutrition plan is designed to keep your body burning fat all day long but yet eating multiple meals today with the right combination of fat, carbs and protein. I would highly recommend following to see the best results unless you have a local dietician to get a hold of to setup meals for you.

      As for the protein shakes, they are crucial for recover. It helps to rebuild your muscle and again helps to keep that metabolism going. Shakeology is much more than just a protein shake. I would consider it a meal replacement and damn near a mult-vitamin along with it. You justify the cost by a replacement meal you will use it for that you normally would have paid for during the day. Again, you can get by with another protein shake but you really need to find one that is good. Most are just junk. Shoot me an email on my contact page and I can go into more detail there. This is getting pretty long for a comment.

  39. Hi, Eric.
    I am ordering the program today. I am in my 40’s and am 30 lbs. heavier than I would like to be so I AM READY TO CHANGE MY LIFE!! But I am worried that keeping sweets out of my diet will be a challenge! I need a little sugar to satisfy that craving. Every time I have dieted before I seem to have these craving more than when I am not trying to be healthier. Any suggestions to keep these cravings at bay?

    1. ha, sweets are my enemy as well. I do a couple of things. I mix up my protein shakes with a few strawberries and ice to give it a bit of a taste like a strawberry shake. That does it for me a lot. I also go for dill pickle spears when I need to have something. Theses things have like 5 calories at most. Another thing I do is buy the 80% dark chocolate coco bars. It’s a hell of a lot better for you than the regular chocolate. Depending on the time of day I would go for a fruit you really like as well. Sugar is the killer Angel. You won’t believe how much sugar is in everything we eat. If you want to jump start any weight loss plan try going throughout the day by only eating less than 20 grams of sugars. You won’t believe how hard that is. Anyways, get into the 5 day fast track guide. Jump into it. Follow the plan the best you can. They do not do a great job advertising the amount of money they did on that plan to help you lose weight by making it look and sound so simple. Let us all know how it goes. Keep up the good work!

  40. Hi, I am 56, 70 kg, 170cm. I am fairly healthy but have not excercise for more than 8 years now. A year ago I went for angio plasty and have 2 stents implanted now. I want to start exercising as I need to keep fit and toned. I am thinking of this program. Would this help me?

    1. I love the attitude Jasper! You need to understand this workout is really going to hit your cardio a lot and your heart rate is going to get high at times. Man one thing I would recommend right off the bat is yoga and Pilates. Find something at the local gym or look at my PiYo review. I love doing that program a long with other beachbody workouts. It’s effective, low impact and gets results.

  41. Hey. I’m 17 and just finished my first year in college. I gained 15 lbs (now 5’8″ 155 lbs) and my stamina basically went to hell. I used to play volleyball for my high school team and I want to try out for my college women’s team. Should I do a modified first week then repeat the regular first week or should I jump right into it? Will short intensity workouts help with my stamina? And can the exercises here act as my conditioning workout?

    1. Well, this is going to be a great workout for you. It’s right up your wheel house! It’s cardio central to work on your aerobic and anaerobic state. I personally did the first week twice because I was so sore the first week. The plyometric moves will be awesome for volleyball too. Great choice to get back in shape. I would add in some longer runs on top of this to help balance out your endurance. Love to hear the results. If this gets too easy switch to Insanity or Insanity Max 30. That will flat out kick your A@@. 🙂

  42. Hello Eric,

    I have been doing the insanity work out off and on and had great results. However now I am fully motivated to get back in shape. I however do not have the time available for insanity anymore. I ordered the program online yesterday. i am super excited to get it and start.

    I”m currently on a diet using 1st Phorm protein shakes for Breakfast and lunch with a serving of nuts for my mid-meal snacks. After my work outworks i have been having a small protein shake for recovery. Dinners are portion controlled so i think I’m doing the eating right.

    I’ve lost 14lbs this go through on insanity but I have seem to hit a plateau. I would like to shred my beer belly and get fit.

    Any suggestions would be great.

    Thanks for your time ChuckD

    1. ChuckD we have the same rival enemy……beer. Man dude that dang thing is just the devil when it comes to getting rid of fat. You have to see what your goal is deep down. You will not get 6 pack abs drinking a 6 pack of bud. 🙂 You know what I mean. A couple beers once in a while won’t hurt but doing it each week will hold up progress. Great job on the 14lb weight loss. That’s awesome man. I was like you when I saw it, because I had done p90x and Insanity. I thought man this is perfect as my priorities have changed where I don’t workout a couple hours a day. Ah the single life….:-) Anyways, You will rock it man. Hey on that plateau you mentioned. Have you considered cycling your eating? Like every 3rd or 4th day just eat normal so your body doesn’t think you are dieting? It’s a simple way of saying it, but body builders have used it for years. Stop back with your progress and questions later once you get your copy.

  43. Hi Eric! Just stumbled upon your site and saw this review! I have been looking to get a DVd for home as it is impossible for me to go to the gym when I work which is 4 days a week. When I do go I usually do spin or body pump classes and lift weights. I am looking to lose these pesky 30 lbs from my pregnancy!! Do you think this program is a good one to lose weight and tone up muscle.. Mostly stomach and thighs?? I was also looking into the 21 day fix it insanity 30. I would like something for about 30 min before work and the kiddos wake up! Thank you!!!!

    1. Hey Erin. I would not recommend Insanity Max 30. That program is meant to go to failure. I would do that program after this one or P90x3. Now, both T 25 and 21 day fix are both under 30 minutes. This program has a ton of cardio, core and plyometric movements. It’s fast and man you can get this workout in before work easily. 21 day fix is 30 minutes but a mixture of all your body parts along with yoga. Plus it has a more structured meal plan which to me would fit you better where you are at right now.
      Once you have lost that baby fat you are after, I would swing back around to T-25 later personally.

  44. Hey,

    I have recently had my wisdom teeth out, two days ago, and have been told not to do too much strenuous exercise for two weeks. This just doesn’t sit well with me, though I do understand that cardio is out of the question. I have this program, insanity, insanity Max, and insanity the asylum. Which workout specifically do you recommend?

    1. Sorry for the late reply on this one. I’m hoping you didn’t do any of them because they all involve jumping. 🙂 You would have been better off with some good ole yoga! 🙂

  45. hi

    i have used insanity before and it was great but i stopped for a while and gained some fats. wondering if this is good for me to try? or should i go for the extreme insanity one
    btw, i train about 4days a week in a gym plus playing football twice a week

    i live in united arab emirates in middle east how can get it?

    1. hamil, they only sell beachbody products in the US, UK and Canada. So, I cannot recommend the products for you. I can dig around more on other alternatives if you want to email me.

  46. I am about 4 months postpartum with my second child and would like to start the it. My doc says I was cleared for workouts two months ago, and I have been running but I know the program is intense. Would you recommend starting the workouts now or waiting a little bit longer?

    1. Vanessa if you are running you can definitely do the this program. You will appreciate how fast the workout goes and you will feel like you just got done with a run. I wouldn’t sweat it personally.

  47. Hi Eric. Thanks for the T25 review. Am seriously considering getting it as reaally struggling to find time for gym visits with a busy work and family life. I have just started the 5-2 diet and that’s working for me. I’m just wondering whether this workout will work in conjunction with this diet (ie 2 days of only 600calories)?

    1. Nick not familiar with the 5-2 diet. With their plan you will be eating less calories but more food. 🙂 More of the right food to help keep the metabolism rocking all day long. If it a whirl and see how your energy levels hold up. That would be my first concern personally that you will be low on carbs and lack the energy.

  48. My name is Lynsey, I am 27 and iv just completed week 2. Iv been strict with my diet although maybe too strict and I think I’m not eating enough. I have only lost 2lbs in 2 weeks. Should I be seeing a lot bigger faster results and what is the key to loosing lots fast? Thanks

    1. Lynsey, how are the results going now. Sorry for the late reply. Did you measure anything? Going by weight is really deceiving at times and frustrating. Watch your pants too. It’s funny how all of a sudden you start to realize they are a bit loser. Do let me know how things are going.

  49. Hi, I am contemplating to buy this exercise I’m out of shape and barely exercise. My question is do I have to follow the diet meal plan to the T or can I modify it? I hate following diet plans since I have to cook for my family and do not want to have a seperate food for myself. Any suggestion?

    1. You don’t have to follow the meal plan but I would follow the concept which is smaller meals throughout the day and very specifically portioned so that you have a balance between protein, carbs and fat. The meal plan does really help accelerate the whole weight lose to be honest.

  50. I want to start it to get in shape for college sports. I was wondering what you do when you reach the end of the workout schedule… I heard about the gamma but if a person doesn’t have the money for it… Do you just keep redoing the DVDs?

    1. Lacie you are correct about gamma being the next phase of it. You mentioned getting in shape for college sports. I would highly recommend looking at the Insanity Max 30 review I have. That is way more intense than this program and would do wonders for athletic gains. The old insanity was be great as well. It’s way harder and honestly in my opinion meant for people needing athletic gains.

  51. Hi Eric
    I am a dancer in full time training and I want to improve my fitness, strength and over-all body aesthetic. This program seems good but I would value your advice with a few problems. Firstly, I am worried it will tighten my body and I will lose flexibility. Also, I have a problem with my hip with is caused by various factors including a tight back and glutes/hammys. Will this programme aggravate it? Finally, my training days are already pretty intense, is this programme suitable for me if I need to be able to dance the next day?! Thanks for the great review, it already answered lots of my questions!

    1. Hey Amy thank you for the question. Given the fact you already have an intense training program I would not add this to it. The program is going to work your cadio by doing plyometric type of exercises. It is all body weight types of exercises doing lunges, squats, side jumps, burpees, and many others. With that said you work on your on all aspects of your legs and core.

      So, this would include working on your hip flexors, glut mead, psoas muscles, quads and hamstrings. So, it would cover all the same muscles you are already doing in your dance class. I would be worried about you over training personally.
      I also experience the tight hips from biking, swimming, running and having back issues. So, in my opinion your body is really screaming for some extra yoga to help with recover, flexibility and nutrition plan to really zero in on dropping some body fat. For yoga you could look at doing warrior 1 and 2. Look at pigeon, and triangle pose. I would also do kneeling hip flexors stretches daily and if you are sitting in a chair often I would do one left crossed and lean forward for the stretch. Again working on your psoas and glutes.

      my 21 day fix review here. Autumn just crushes the nutrition plan here and makes it crazy simple. I hope that helps. Feel free to email me as well if you have more questions.

  52. I just received my full package, and I completed the first week..super intense. However I’m not sure if this is the right workout program for me. I am only 5’2, 130 lbs and I’m not really trying to LOSE any weight, rather I wanted to build muscle, tone up, and get back into shape since I haven’t worked out in years. I have an hourglass shape and I am afraid that I’ll lose my curves if I continue the workout since it contains a lot of cardio. What would be the best way to approach given my circumstances above?

    1. Nij, you are on the right track. Do not let the cardio throw you off. The exercises are body weight exercises that are working to strengthen your glutes, hamstrings, quads and core. Give it some time you will start to see changes. Look for your shoulders and triceps and small changes in your muscle tone in your legs. The cardio is only 25 minutes so I personally would not worry. Make sure you are using a protein shake for recovery so your body doesn’t go after any of your existing protein in your muscle. Taking it within 30 minutes after the workout is best but up to 60 minutes works still works. If you can’t do a protein shake, try a couple hard boiled eggs or some other source of protein you have available. If you want to email me about recover feel free too.

      This is a sweet spot for me in doing my endurance training over the years.

  53. I’m having a problem with the diet. I get up at 4am to make the breakfast and lunch before work. My husband does not cook at all and doesn’t leave for work until 9am. I am trying to fix his for him ahead of time. None of the lunch meals seem to be “make the night before” friendly. Is there a substitute lunch menu that I can make?

    1. Karen one trick that I have done over the years to ensure my eating plans are easy to maintain and actually don’t take a ton of time is to plan ahead. So, on Sunday’s I cook up the majority of my meals for Monday through Wednesday. Wednesday night I cook up for the next 3 days again so I can get to the weekend. That way I can store my main items of the meals in the refriderator in containers. It saves me a TON of time in the morning and at night as well when I’m running late.

      So, look through the meals to see what items you could precook and have on hand. Example. I cook up a bunch of chicken breasts ahead of time so I can just use them in the meal I want to make. Cook up any rice you want to use as well. You get the idea. Do what you can ahead of time to make your job easy in the morning. I hope that helps and thank you for the question back!

  54. Hello Eric,
    I’m not sure if someone has asked this or if you would be able to answer. I don’t have joint problems, I have full blown joint replacements in my right hip and knee. How do you think I would fare with this workout? I’m 26 so age is not a factor but the replacements and the bones around them are. I’m looking to get in better shape now because I have moderate arthritis and I know as I age I will get worse and I’d like to make sure I stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Any input you could give me would be much appreciated. I’ve googled and couldn’t really find any info on other people with similar predicaments.
    Thank you for your time.

    1. Brittany, I would not recommend this program with your condition personally. There is a lot of jumping. Look at my PiYo Review on my site. I do that along with P90x3. It’s a sweet working that has no jumping. You will do yoga and Pilates. My Finance absolutely loves the program too and he is doing it full time now and see good results.

  55. Hi I’m crystal and I’ve been doing the program for 2 weeks now. I have been seeing results and I do eat the proper meals. I was wondering I’m always active and I’m used to workout. Can I just straight to the beta stage instead of doing the alpha for faster results?? Do is the alpha stage a must to see results?

    1. Hey that is great news way to go! You might want to consider doing it twice a day 2-3 times a week. ike myself I use it for a morning workout and then I bike for my second workout. I would also add that you can go at it harder during the workout as well. My suggestion is to follow it and let it roll. Jumping to beta will be harder but I would not seeing it speeding anything up.

  56. I just started day one today and I had to modify the whole thing. Should I repeat day one again tomorrow or should I continue to Day 2?

    1. Kim I honestly repeated the whole first week the first time. 🙂 It takes a bit to learn the routines. So, it is a bit frustrating at first to learn the moves and I also was sore the first week so I decided to start over. Bottom line is your are working out, burning calories. So, do not get caught up in being perfect with it. Your body will adapt and you will be doing more of the real routine each day and each week. Keep up the great work and stick at it. You can do it!

  57. Dear Eric,

    im a male and im 198.4 pounds and i have never tried workouts . i wanna reduce that 165 my problem is that i have lots of billy fat and a little saggy breast so i would like your recommendation to get effective result . i have just ordered the program any tips would be appreciated.


    1. Hey Mat you are on the right track my friend! Make sure to start with the 5 day fast track eating guide. Really stick with it and you will not be disappointed.
      In this program you focus on cardio, strengthening your core, legs and toning muscle. You will not use weights here at all. So, for your other issue I would seriously do pushups everyday. I know it sounds simple but it works. Try 4 sets of 10-15 pushups. Do one set with your hands at shoulder width. Do anther set with your hands closer together, 3rd set with your hands wider and then another set with your hands close but below your pecs. This will work your upper and lower pecs (major and minor). Trust me it works. I put 25lbs on my bench press doing a push up workout like this and did not lift a single weight. It’s old school but it works. IT’s also free!

      1. I have a comment to your post, Eric.

        While doing pectoral workouts will indeed tighten up the chest area and cause it to look better, it will by no means do anything about the saggy problem the guy mentioned. He’ll need to eat better and burn fat. There is no such thing as spot training to convert fat from that area to muscle.

        I don’t know if you meant that at all, but some out there believe it’s possible. Your comment could have easily been misconstrued, and I felt it was my internet duty to make sure it wasn’t. 🙂

        1. Thanks for the reply back. All I intended to do was to give him exercises to strengthen his pectorals major and minor muscles or “pecs”. I would agree you can’t spot train to get rid of fat. In the end it’s all diet when it comes down to it. So, if anyone took it that way or read more into it. This should clear it up. thanks again.

  58. Hi Eric I so want to buy this collection but totally scared I don’t understand it when it comes ,,do u just follow one DVD at a Time and they re numbered or do I need to choose a one my self ,,I’m confused about it ,,thanks for your help xx

    1. Hi Michell. Great question! There is a workout schedule that is included in the package. You will know exactly what dvd to workout to each day.
      The schedule will basically have every day planned out for you. You put the dvd in and get ready to work and sweat! 🙂
      It’s really that simple. It will take a bit to get used to the routines. After you do them a couple times you find yourself picking up the moves and getting better at it. So, have fun with it. It’s quick but extremely effective.

  59. Eric,

    Is this program helpful for those that work in the night shifts? I work between 6:30PM to 3:30AM. I need to get good rest before i head back to work. Unfortunately, fitness experts don’t talk much about fitness for people that work in the night. As per my knowledge, people that work in the night are prone to gaining weight. Does eating 5-6 meals a day (night) apply to me as well. Please advise.

    1. Hi Fiona, my mom worked that nights for years. It is a very hard to get used to doing things as the “day” folks do.
      No matter the work hours you will need to eat. If it were me I would still be eating 5-6 meals while I’m awake that are 300-350 calories. My snack meals are 150-200 so the ones in between breakfast and lunch, and before dinner.

      The workout is 25 minutes long. If you can do it right after work that might work best because you will be energized afterwards. My other though is if you are up a few hours prior to work I would give that a go. If you have to stand a lot take note that you will be sore the first week. In order to avoid that you will want to not want to go hard at it the first week and make sure you are keeping hydrated. If it were me and that was my schedule I would go for it. I’m that way though. “Crazy” 🙂 in a good way.

  60. Hi!

    So, I was thinking about getting this program, just read from some women that it’s not the best for target areas that most women complain about. if I got this and the Brazil butt lift, how would you integrate that with this? 3 times a week maybe?

    thanks in advance!

    1. Taylor this program is a fat burning cardio machine. 🙂 It was never meant to target a specific area. In order to do that right you really need a personal trainer who knows what they are doing to be honest. The brazil butt is all about the butt lift as you mentioned. If that is what you are after then I would go there. Keep in mind that this program is all about working your glutes (butt muscles) and legs. You will tone those muscles just by doing the program itself.

  61. Hi Eric,

    I am a 42 year old single mother, working full time. I am not overweight (5’6, 125 lb) but am very out of shape and am looking for a new workout program. I haven’t been able to get back into a good routine since I had my last baby two years ago. The shorter beqachbody programs are interesting because they are shorter, but I can’t decide which one would be best for me. Can you help? I am a little concerned about the jumping in because I’ve had several knee surgeries many years ago including ACL.

    Thanks so much,


    1. Kelly, this program is all cardio and P90x3 involves strength training, yoga and a few jumping exercises. It is not as crazy intense as this program here, but you need to own equipment to do it. From the sounds of it, you might really enjoy PiYo. Look on my blog for it or check it out here. It is Pilates and Yoga together. Chalene is totally awesome and definitely beginner friendly! You always feel encourage by here as well. I always feel like I can recommend this to anyone for a place to start without thinking twice about it. Contact me personally if you need more info or have more questions. By all means please share my blog to help spread the word. 🙂

  62. Hi Eric – I was really interested to stumble across your blog as I have just completed week 1 of the program. However I am very disappointment to find that I have put on 3 lbs in this first week! I have been extremely careful with my diet. What’s gone wrong? Any ideas? Thanks

    1. Grace one thing I always tell anyone who is starting to lose weight is to watch your waist line and your face. Take measurements. It is way to easy to have your weight to fluctuate up and down based on so many variables. I literally can lose 3lbs over night just sleeping at times. It’s mostly due to hydration. Make sure to weight yourself at most once a week and do it at the same time. So, if you weigh yourself in the morning keep it consistent. Again because you could be dehydrated early morning and after a day of drinking a lot of fluids gain a couple of lbs.

      Let’s your pant sizes speak for themselves and how you look. Also don’t forget that gaining any muscle will put on weight. Do not worry about bulking up either. That muscle will tone up and it burns more calories than fat does. You can contact me personally if you want to chat more about it. Keep at it!

  63. I have a bad back and have had 3 surgeries. I have a morphine pump attached to my abdomen. I was going to order this because I am on disability and out of shape. This sounds too intense for me,right? is the modified version too intense also?Any advice you can throw my way will be taken to heart. I am 6’1 235 male and need to loose about 40 pounds. Is this too ambitious and strenuous for me? Thanks

    1. Gregg there is way too much jumping for you to really enjoy this. I can see that pump getting in your way even with the modified version. If you have limitations like that but have the discipline, check out my review on the 21day fix here. It’s geared around your eating habits which would be an awesome start. After that you could look at doing PiYo. It has no jumping and is a great beginner series that anyone can do to lose weight.
      If none of those work, I would hit the treadmill doing minute intervals. 1 minute walk fast, 1 minute rest, 1 minute walk fast, 2 minute rest. next set increase the speed or incline. Again do something that is within your means to get going. After that look to something more extreme like this program or P90x3 even. Feel free to contact me personally if you have more questions.

  64. Hello, I have read so many good reviews that I decided to order it. Looking forward to receive it now. Please is there any preference of when is best to do the exercises? First thing in the morning at rise? Or after work in the evening? Personally I would like to do it in the morning at rise but I would like to know if there is any risks compared to the evening.
    Thank you

    1. This is definitely a personal preference. I like to do it before I go to work because it ensures that there are no other distractions that will take away from my workout by doing it at lunch or after work. If you are doing it in the morning I would do a 5 minutes of active stretching or even 3-5 minutes of yoga to get the body and joints warmed up. You will have some soreness starting out so keep at it and get through the first week! 🙂

  65. thanks for the review(s) but after doing it for 5 months, I haven’t lost one lbs!!! Not sure it’s my diet. That said, I stay away from burgers, chips, etc and usually have a salad or a sandwich for lunch. Dinner is also rather simple, e.g. cereal. It’s frustrating…..

    1. Ron, it’s pretty hard to say without working out with you on a daily basis. When people come to me who are consistently working out every day it almost comes down to their eating habits. You could have something specific going on with your body type as well. I’ll burn 350-400 calories during a session. So, your diet is definitely key here. You should be eating 5-6 times a day. You can email me personally if you want to talk further on it.

  66. Thanks for the review. Yesterday was day one and it was awesome. I borrowed it from the public library to see if I would like it before I invested any money. I cannot wait to get home from work today for day two!

    1. Great to hear! Stick with it, you will nail it, just get passed the first week the best you can and don’t get down on yourself. Getting in shape takes time. 🙂
      Do me a favor and spread the word about my blog. Much appreciated and I look forward to hearing your testimony!

  67. Hi! Thank you for doing this review. Today is my second day into it, and I’m literally feeling disappointed with myself because I couldn’t even follow Tanya’s modified version of the exercise. I find it hard to jump around, since my whole body is still sore from first day’s exercise, and I was wondering if I did the exercise incorrectly. Your review brings me hope 🙂 Again, thank you very much! Without your writing I might quit the program already, haha

    1. Hey Kale Don’t Give up. I’m on Day 3 and I know the soreness. I added PiYo and P90x3 in there so it even hurts to sit on my butt!:-)
      The only way to get through the muscle soreness is to get active. You get small muscle tears when you workout and your body is trying to heal them. So you get really stiff and sore. Ice helps if you can do that but really you need to stay active. If you can pull it off just do the stretch dvd today and follow up with the regular workout the next day. It’s not necessarily about being religious to the schedule at first but more so to the commitment to change and working out each day. In week 2 and 3 your body will adjust and you will be rocking it!

  68. I’m 7 months post partum with some serious core weakness. I discourage easily but weigh 155 and would like to drop to a muscular 135. I see you say “take it easy” at first but what does that mean? Only do half the 25 min? Finish the 25 min workout even if it takes you an hour? How do I even start. My husband bought it for me last Christmas (2013) while I was pregnant. I had the baby and am too scared to start. The box haunts me from the living room. I have a 19 week goal to drop the 20 lbs. Is that realistic?

    1. Hey Bethany, I am 7 months postpartum too. I did day one today for the full 25 minutes, but, I followed the modified version that the girl was doing and I felt it for sure! It was difficult, but, I feel great after! I am 145 at 5’1″ and trying to get back down to my prepregnancy weight of a healthy muscular 125 in 20 weeks! We can do this!! Just put the disk in before baby gets up in the morning and do it!
      Good luck!

      1. Nice work. Keep focused on changing you and working out. Don’t worry about not being able to keep up or complete everything the first 2 weeks. Once you get past the normal soreness you really will start to enjoy it and see results.

  69. Hi. Thank you for the review! It was really helpful. I am in very good shape. However, I am not looking to lose weight. In fact, I’d like to keep it where I’m at more or less. I’m just looking to decrease body fat percentage and really increase my core strength. I really like this program in that it’s time conscious and as a college student, its very convenient. Would you recommend this program to me or should I find something? Thanks for your time. Happy New Year!

    1. This would be perfect for that. It’s all about cardio and toning up, so it could easily take you to the next level you are looking for.
      It’s 25 minutes of pure fun and you work your butt off! 🙂

  70. Eric, I received this program for a gift as well as the Gamma. If I’ve been a runner already and want to tone and gain strength would you suggest starting right with Beta and moving into Gamma? Thanks!!

    1. Jim that is meant to be a follow up to the regular program. If you are in good shape now and you are still running consistently I would go for it. It’s free so why not!

  71. Hi,

    I m 29, I weigh 230 lbs, I had a knee surgery(ACL) 3 years back, I want to lose weight and through it, can I go for it?

    1. Man that is a tough call. I have had 3 knee surgeries myself Joshi. I currently have a small tear in my meniscus but it’s not bad enough that it kept me from it.
      I would still be incredibly careful and wear a brace if possible. You will be doing lateral movements which if you’re acl is still weak would not be the best thing for it.

      Whenever I felt at risk I just didn’t do it or jumped up and down like I’m jump roping. You might like P90x3 better to start out. This program requires no equipment where P90x3 you need some dumbbells. You will still lose weight but its more focused around body weight exercises and less jumping than this program. IT does work but I would be super careful starting off.

  72. Eric,

    This might be a silly question but is there any reason that I could/should not do this workout while pregnant? I’m 15 weeks right now and would like to stay in shape for the remainder (as well as afterwards obviously). It seems to me this would be a much better workout given my circumstances when compared to Insanity or P90X but I’m not entirely sure.


    1. Hey Katie, there is a lot of jumping in this program and lateral movements. Given that fact you are that far along I would go with something safer to be completely honest. I have had friends that have ran all through their pregnancy but they are crazy. So, yes it is entirely possible but what’s the point of the risk? PiYo is something I would look at. You do yoga and Pilates. I love their sweat dvd. You are using the area of your yoga mat not jumping around and sweating your butt off! My finance loves it! It is very low impact. I use it personally for recovery but it is great for people with bad knees, low back pains and how love to feel stress free after a workout. So, I would not recommend it, sorry.

  73. I have 3 kids, full day work, me and my wife litterally have no time ever.
    We´ve been doing the program for 4 months now, and just about to start the Gamma videos. This was the only way we found to be able to exercise (with kids around and everything ! in a rather small appartment we live in ). The change is real, and I did not even follow the nutrition guide due to lack of time for eating/cooking. My wife and myself are now full of energy for daily tasks, playing with kids, etc, we lost weight and look quite a lot better than 4 months ago. Yes, it hurts, you need a strong will, but results come quick and you´ll get addicted to it, no matter how low energy you feel, just do it ! and you´ll feel energized afterwards. This is totally worth.

  74. Hi Eric!
    I just ordered it! I weigh around 76 kgs and I am looking to loose around 20 kgs atleast. I hope the T25 helps! Also I am a vegetarian. I have read many reviews that the diet plan provided in T25 does not involve too many vegetarian selections? Do you suggest can any other meal plan? I live in my school campus and food is provided by them! So I need to make healthier choices with the food provided to me.
    I use Ultimate Nutrition ISO sensation 93 protein powder post workout. I usually have 2 scoops as being a vegetarian I don’t that too much source of protein.
    Would you still suggest that I should buy Shakeology? Should I take protein powder and shakeology both on the same day or just stick to one?

    1. Meenakshi, Beachbody product Shakeology does have a vegetarian version of it. It is meant to be for recovery and for a meal replacement. So, it really depends on what you want to do with it.
      You could use it for a meal replacement and then use your protein powder you currently have for a post workout drink. Take it within 30 minutes. They say 60 but the best effect is within the first 30 minutes.

      The nutrition plans are average, but honestly, I would use your own commonsense here. You will be burning so many dang calories during these workouts that if you are eating semi good 5-6 times a day you will lose weight. Focus on 300-400 small meals. It will keep your metabolism burning fat all day long vs doing 3 big meals which gives it a really good chance to just turn into fat.

  75. So ok I packed on a toooon of weight over the past few years. I’ve hit the 285 mark from where I was about 7 years ago at 215. I’ve offically become disgusted and overall depressed with myself. I tried the p90x but it just wasn’t for me. Is this really all it’s cracked up to be? The high impact jumps stuff don’t really bother me. my biggest concern is will I lose weight or is all this jumping around for nothing

    1. Chad, been there. I’m about to post an article of how to get off the couch and say to heck with everything that got you off track and start fresh. This flat out works. I won’t lie about that. I did mention you will be jumping, it’s a fact and if that is a concern you have two choices. Remain disciplined and do the program but only do the modified version along with doing trying to be a hero and push yourself beyond your abilities the first 30-45 days. For me I always go way to hard to fast. It’s a bad habit. Just figure out where you are at.

      I know You didn’t like the original p90x by you could look at p90x3. Here is a few workout sample of my comments from doing it. It’s so much better than p90x to start out with. It’s 30 minutes to start with. Lots of focus on body weight exercises, integrates dumbbells as well and includes yoga. I did p90x for years, it’s not even close to being as insane. 🙂 The other thing you could try is the 21day fix which really focuses on your eating habits and then jump into one of the other programs.

      Hell even start working on the treadmill for 30 minutes today. Not tomorrow, today. Do a 5 minute warm up, then do 4 sessions that last 5 minutes. Increase the speed every minute 1-4 and rest on minute 4-5. Then repeat. Then end the workout with a 5 minute cool down. Just say screw it and start. 🙂 It’s a new year my man!

  76. Hey there, I loved your review. I heard about it by coincidence from a friend and I purchased it. I started 3 days ago, doin the modified version and I’m watching my diet (I got shakeology for a meal replacemnt too). How long do u think it would take before I start seeing results? I need to lose abt 8 kilograms.

    1. I saw results the first week only because my finance made the comment man your stomach is looking smaller. I said, “what the heck are you saying I was fat before?” 🙂 Look for the pants to be lose, watch your face etc…Everyone is different and I am “normally” pretty good about eating 5-6 times a day so when I added this to my normal routine it just started burning up calories. Give it at least 2 weeks. Oh yeah take measurements. It’s the only real way to see difference. Sometimes you will gain muscle and only focus on losing weight and will miss the whole point of getting in shape and lose hope.

  77. Eric,
    I just ordered the program and am eager to get going. Your words of encouragement are truly inspiring. While I do plan to start with the modified program, I was wondering about the warm up and whether or not I should be stretching before hand. I’m out of shape and a little worried about injuries. What would you suggest in terms of stretching before and afterwards?

    1. Great question, the warm is short to be honest. So, any type of yoga or dynamic stretching to start out with would help. He does start with 1-2 minutes of warming up but sometimes that is just enough, especially in the morning before work!

    1. Hey Tina, you actually have to buy them. There is no digital download. you will get a nice calendar, dvd set, and nutrition guide with it when you order. Best of Luck!

  78. I saw the infomercial for the first time this morning. It got me really interested. I’m currently 49 year old and pretty sedentary (I sit in front of a computer 10-12 hours a day). I quit smoking 5 weeks ago and need to lose about 30 pounds. About 4 months after I quit smoking 13 years ago (which lasted almost 2 years), I started going to a gym before work for step aerobics classes. I loved them and I still reminisce about becoming active again.

    If I were to start this, I think the challenge will be working it into my daily routine … but then again, if I can adjust my routine due to not smoking, I can do this too … and besides, I’m now saving at least 25 minutes by not taking 10 minute breaks every hour or so. I guess I’m also worried about staying motivated and becoming winded.

    Additionally, I’m very lazy when it comes to eating, and I know that nutrition is key to success in programs such as this. Does the nutrition guide include easy-to-fix snacks where cooking is not required?

    1. Hey Barry, it’s 25 minutes long. I promise you can fit it in. You just have to say screw it and fight all the “don’t do it” and “You can do it tomorrows” in your head. Give it a week and you will be hooked. The nutrition guide is not bad at all and you have to cook some. You’ll eat 5-6 times a day with 300-400 calorie meals. Even if you get it, just get out and go for something. It’s a new year brother be different and go for something new

    1. You’ll need to adjust for it like you normally eat. I know it’s challenging but it won’t be any different than what you are used too. The main difference is that you are eating 5-6 times day.

  79. Hi,
    I’m 54 and have had 3 knee surgeries on my left knee. I have also developed Planters Fasciitis on my right foot. I do stretches, crunches and leg lifts daily but still need to drop 20 pounds. If I do the modified will I be able to do this program regularly? I want cardio and to stay fit, but don’t want to mess my knee up again.

    1. Karen, man do I feel for you. I had the sharp heel pain forever. Here is a buddy’s video that helped me get over it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dRDwAqRLSE I ended up with orthodics and a bunch of other crap to get rid of it. I’m afraid any workout will honestly hurt your plantar other than yoga. Check out my PiYo video. Chaleene, is an awesome coach and you won’t be jumping around at all. With this program you will hurt your plantar big time. Sorry 🙂

  80. Loved your review, Eric! Just wondering – I have a considerable amount of weight to lose (like 130 pounds), is this a realistic program for someone this overweight? Intensity looked WAY too much for me, but I’m thinking the 25mins is a great place to start. Do I have a chance at keeping up eventually? Lol

    1. Take it slow and remain consistent. Insanity would be crazy to start with, so great choice there. You might want to think about PiYo. Look for my review on the site here. It would be a great way to get your body use to working out. It will work as well just do what you can and you will eventually be able to get through the dvds. I had a hell of a time the first time through I’m not gonna lie. Most of all Nutrition is everything. You have to get 5-6 small meals in a day no questions asked and follow the plan. Feel free to hit me up on my contact page and we can talk more.

  81. Hey thanks for this review! I just started it (seriously, i’m starting on my 3rd week). On the 1st week any time I stopped moving (during the course of the day) my legs became STIFF and it took effort to get them moving again after the workout. I’m really out of shape (about 70lbs). On the 2nd week on that 1st day my knees started to hurt. So I’ve been doing the modified version. And lets not start with any exercise that requires putting weight o my hands! But I’m trying them. Slowly going into the actual workout. But hopefully my knees will accept that workout is now a part of life and stop hurting so I can do the jumps (so much jumping!).

    1. ha ha lol man I was walking around like I had some serious issues the first week. Keep at it your muscles will adapt just like they did when you were doing soccer. If you could get any yoga in that would be steller and help your recovery. Also using a foam roller afterwards would be awesome for recovery as well. I bought PiYo so I ended up using both. Feel free to use my contact page if you want to ask more questions. Eric

  82. Hello

    Great review thanks.
    I’m a beginner, do you think the programme would be suitable?
    The most appealing factor is the time…
    Would you suggest to do this am or pm?
    Thank you

    1. You bet. You’ll be sore for sure but just do what you can. Start with the modified version that the one gal does all the time to be safe the first week.
      Definitely stay with the nutrition plan as much as possible and you’ll be well on your way!

    1. Yep Yep! It all depends on your goals. You can drop weight with it, get in killer cardio shape for running, biking or triathlons. If you are looking for something that involves yoga check out my PiYo review. This one is great because you just work your butt off for 25 minutes and bam you are done off to the rest of your day.

  83. Hi, I just started Insanity this week. I do it in the early morning to get it over with straight away lol. But I’d like to do something in the evening as well. I’m considering T25. My concern is I don’t want to do anything to mess up my current program. Do you think this would be an option??

    1. Charlie I would not recommend adding T25 to your current Insanity workout. It has a lot of cardio, jumps and plyo moves in it so you would essentially be doing another Insanity workout. P90x3 would be a good alternative so you could get some strength training in there or something either safer like PiYo where you are doing Yoga. All depends on where you are heading.

  84. I have tried soooo many ‘get slim quick’ ideas and fads however after watching my fiancé do the INSANITY DVDs over a period of time I just couldn’t understand what the attraction was however I caught sight of the commercial whilst staying in a hotel and i have to say I was hooked and within 24 hours I had ordered the package! I began it the same day it arrived from Amazon and i have not looked back. I have to admit I have not stuck to the programme however it has helped me get fit and i just love the exercises and Shaun T is SOOOOOO motivating! If Shaun said rob a bank i bet i would – lol 🙂

    I plan to get really stuck in to the programme in the next week as i am away in January and want to look good!

    GREAT review, honest and frank!


  85. had weight loss surgery four years ago went from 400 to 195. Stared doing triathlons want some other training but don’t have a lot of time with six training workouts a week but not losing a lot more weight looking to drop 15 more looks like it would be a good workout that wouldn’t hurt swim bike run workouts..

    1. Ted that is awesome man. I have a buddy who was 300 and dropped 100 starting out doing weights, to 1/2 marathon and then to triathlons. He still doing full ironmans to this today. Keep it up my man! I used it to drop weight this last summer to gear up for fall cyclocross racing. If you are coming off doing little leg work your butt will be sore the first week but after that, yes you can rock this and the bike workouts. I’m actually doing p90x3 here to prep for my indoor cycling season. You will need a few weeks of that before you do that with both bike workouts. It’s early so I’m totally ok with that.
      Email on my contact page if you want to talk more about doing tris and these type of workouts. 🙂

  86. Thanks for the review- I am hoping to start this in a few weeks. My question is that I am about 5 weeks post partum and have not really worked out since I was about 2 months pregnant. Would it be okay for me to start this and just start slow or should i do something else first to get a little more fit before I start this? Thanks!

    1. You could totally do the modifier routine. One of the gals actually was actually doing this post partum but you can tell at the time of the filming she was well into the program so she looked normal.
      You could always just do half of it to start with and then combine that with some walking or even some yoga. It depends how discipline you are. Once I start working out, I throw it all out the window and end up over doing it most of the time.:-) Check out the PiYo routine. It’s lower impact, involves Yoga and Pilates. My girlfriend has started it and love Chalene’s teaching it and said it was a great workout.
      Here is our review on it here. It would be safer to start with that and then work into this program.

  87. Hi I just saw it on tv is it really that good ? I’m not unfit but I’d like too stay that way lol so out of curiosity I thought I’d research it and found your review.

    1. Yep this is one that is not B.S. 🙂 It’s a fat burning machine to be honest. After the first week my girlfriend even commented on my stomach looking smaller and I could feel it. I used it this summer as part of my cardio routine while I was training to bike race in the fall. So, it helped my cardio, lost some fat but it was not damaging enough that it killed my bike workouts.

      If you are wanting to do weights along with it, this is not it. Check out p90x3. I’m actually doing that one right now and tracking my results here on the site.

  88. Thanks Lenka! It’s a great time to start. It’s never too late. Take it easy, do what you can and do whatever you have to get through the first week. 🙂
    Good Luck!

  89. Hello,
    Thanks for the review! Got the DVDs some time ago, guess it st time to give them a chance 🙂
    Take care,
    Lenka from the Czech Republic 🙂

    1. Ordered mine today did insanity last year about this time and had good results. Fell off the wagon and picked most of the weight I had dropped:/ can’t wait for this one to show up and I can drop my holiday pounds! George-California

      1. George glad to see you back on the wagon. It is much easier to get going on than Insanity. It’s still Shaun T style where get after it and work your butt off but not Insane! 🙂 I would love to hear your progress as you get going………..

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