Rogue Adjustable Weight Bench 2.0 Review

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Rogue Adjustable Weight Bench

The Rogue 2.0 Adjustable Weight Bench is for anyone who really wants one of the best quality weight benches made on the market.  Rogue is a high end fitness equipment manufacture that makes Top rated equipment and the Rouge 2.0 will meet all your needs.


  • Pad Length is 52”: pad with is 11.25”, proper fit for almost everyone.
  • 2 seat position adjustments for customer comfort
  • No Gap weight bench between seat and back
  • 6 Back seat incline adjustments to perform numerous arm exercises
  • Steel construction made in the USA
  • Wheels included to easily move the bench around
  • Legs equipped with rubber caps, prevents slipping and sliding on the floor
  • Total footprint is 54.5 inches in length and 22.5 inches wide.
  • Weights 128lbs.

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Rogue 2.0 Adjustable Weight Bench Review

Thanks to the newly designed Rogue Adjustable Weight Bench (2.0) you will be using a more efficiently build bench that is more stable and has more options.


This home gym adjustable bench will cost you less than the original! The company kept all the features of the Rogue 1.0, and it’s still easy to move around.  If you are limited on space in your home gym, you can always move the bench out of your way.

You can adjust the seat at two different angles, while having 6 adjustable incline positions. The ZERO Gap feature between the seat and the back lets you get right into your work out without having to continually readjust your position.

Construction of the Rogue 2.0

The bench is constructed out of 2x3” 11-guage steel that is laser-cut and bolted together resulting in a sturdy end product. Because of the solid construction you don’t have to worry about the bench rocking around from side to side while doing heavy lifts.

Since the bench weights 128 lbs., it remains stable. That’s not to say that it can’t be moved around in your gym to save space. It comes with wheels on the back of the bench and a handle on the front.

Super easy to move around!

The feet that set on the floor are covered with rubber caps to prevent the bench from slipping and sliding on the floor. When you’re getting set up to do heavy lifts, the bench stays stationary.

These rubber caps also help protect your floor from scratches and gouges which keeps the lady of the house happy.

A cheaply padded bench will tend to look squashed and out of shape after a period of time.

The seat and backrest on the Rouge are firmly padded with quality products that will not round-off after repeated use. “It retains its form.”

Plus, the material helps keep your body in place on the bench, you don’t slide around in the middle of a lift.

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Dimensions and Assembly

No assembly Required!  I like this part! 

Just open the box, dispose of the packaging, and you’re ready to work out! Quality products are always going to give you a break somewhere along the way.

Looking at the dimensions of the bench, it is 54.5” in length and a low height of 17” when in the flat bench position. Since the feet at the front are narrower than the back, you won’t be tripping on them.

The width on the backrest and seat is 11.25 inches from top to bottom, no tapering. This allows the bench to accommodate broader athletes.

Adjustability of the Rouge Bench 2.0

The seat on this bench has two positions, flat press, and incline. Personally, I’d like a few more positions on the seat but it works great with the two. The backrest has 6 incline positions that equate to an 85% incline.

Using the two seat positions to coordinate with the incline degree depends on what exercise you’re wanting to do.

So, what’s the best feature on the Rogue 2.0 Bench?

This is a “ZERO GAP” Weight Bench feature between the seat and the backrest!

How many times have you had to reposition yourself when the bench is in a flat position and your butt falls into that space between the seat and backrest?

“Been there, done that”!

Sit down anywhere on the bench in the flat position, there’s no gap to fall into! The stability of the bench prevents you from rocking and rolling around. Cheaper benches can throw you from side to side and cause trouble with your balance!

Speaking of flat bench position, think of all the exercises you do with the bench in this position.

You don’t need a utility bench when you have the Rogue Bench 2.0!

Can You Purchase accessories to the Rogue?

  1. Spotter deck: The deck has a slight incline to assist the spotter with more leverage. It come with the hardware to mount it to the unit. The diamond-tread steel has a black powder finish, and the width is 23.5” across and 3.75” in height. It Gives the spotter the stability they need without interfering with the lifter.


  1. Vertical Storage Bracket: This bracket is made of thick laser-cut steel and bolts to the bench so you can store it vertically when not in use. Tools to attach this to the bench are not provided. It requires a 5/32” Allen wrench and a 7/16” wrench which most people would have around the house.

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Machine Features

There are several other important features of the machine that we'll mention here. First, you have the ability to make four different user profiles. So your whole family can get use out of the machine at their own resistance level and workout program. The machine also syncs with the Bowflex Fitness app to track your workout data over time. There is wireless heart rate monitoring via a chest strap that comes included with your machine. You can also use the heart rate monitoring grips on the handlebars.

Speaking of the handlebars they're premium grips so even sweaty hands stay planted. There are premium stainless performance pedals as well. There is a water bottle holder so you can stay hydrated during your workouts. Finally there is a media shelf so you can listen to music, audiobooks, and/or watch videos from your favorite device while working out.

How much floor space do I need for a Rogue Bench 2.0

A. You will need an open area six to eight feet wide and around 8 feet long. Although the bench, isn’t that huge, you need space to move around the bench. Two to three feet on each side and 2-3 feet on each end would be enough space.

Q. Can I use this bench for a decline bench and how?

No, it can’t be used as a decline bench, sorry! Check out the Rogue AB-3.

Q. What is the best incline level to do a shoulder work out on the Rogue?

I would suggest that you do a shoulder workout at the number 4 level of incline. Adjust the seat to the incline that feels good for you.

Q. Since this product is expensive, is there any kind of warranty?

Structural welds carry a limited lifetime warranty, frames-5 years, other parts 5 years, upholstery 90 days, wheels-90 days etc.

This covers the original owner. Rogue equipment has a high resale value, but the warranty would only be good for the first owner/purchaser of the product.

Extra Information for the Buyer

I’m going to give you a short comparison of two other Rogue Benches along-side the (2.0) that might interest you. They all are made of the same quality materials but have a few features that are different.

The frame design on the Rogue AB-2 and AB-3 is different than the 2.0, as far as accessing the incline feature. This feature on the AB’s have switched to a small constructed semi-circle sold steel piece that has pop pins for selecting the desired incline.

This feature does cut down on the weight of the product a little but as far as being a real improvement—well I’m not sure yet!

Rogue Bench 2.0 VS Rogue AB3

Rogue 2.0

  • 2 Seat Postion Adjustments
  • 6 Incline Positions / No Decline
  • Weighs 128lbs.
  • Sweat width 11"
  • Height 17.5" off the ground
  • Bench Footprint 54.5x22.5”

Rogue AB3

  • 6 Seat Adjustments
  • 9 Incline Positions & Decline Foot Catch
  • Weights 117lbs
  • Seat width 12"
  • Height 18" off the floor
  • weight bench footprint 51.25 x 22.5”

Final Verdict To Purchase

Taking into consideration the construction, quality materials used, stability and, the design used, make the price of the Rogue Bench 2.0 a reasonable investment. You have a sturdy, versatile, and stable product that will last forever.

The seat has two adjustable positions while the backrest has 6 levels of incline. You will be able to do a complete work out including exercises usually reserved for a utility bench.

The “zero gap” feature cuts down on repositioning yourself while lifting. Your work out goes faster and safer. The weight and steel constructed frame add to the stability of the bench. Remember that Rogue products have a tremendous resale value. Wishing you success as a new owner of a Rogue Bench

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