Elliptical vs Bowflex Max Trainer: Comparison

I’ve recently joined a new gym. I wanted to get into better shape just to catch up with lost time and all the extra calories I gained in this pandemic. But getting back to a tough workout is honestly hard work and sitting around the entire pandemic certainly did not help to strengthen my joints at all.

So I mostly go for machines that are light on my joints but still give me a tough time when I work out. Machines like these essentially don’t apply a lot of pressure on your joint but help you lose calories just as much.

I find them pretty comfortable to use being someone tall, but a simple machine at the gym got me curious, so I dug some research on the elliptical machines and made a comparison between elliptical vs Bowflex Max trainers. 

A general elliptical machine is used to work both the upper and lower body. They can mimic the motion of walking, climbing, or running but do not apply pressure on your joints. These are commonly found.

The max trainer is a company that has introduced a new sort of elliptical machine which helps the user a lot more and helps in losing more calories.

An elliptical machine is mostly a stagnant machine that can be manually used by the user or has to be plugged in for advanced settings or perks.

The max trainer, though, is a form of the elliptical machine but is much more advanced and is made for modern times.

Max trainer vs. a regular elliptical

A Bowflex max trainer is made to fit your routine, according to the producers. It does not matter how much time you have on the daily this machine will make a routine work out for you to fit in. And it will make sure you have a great workout with proper involvement of your muscles, even if it's a 4-minute workout.

The max trainer is also said to make you lose 2.5x more calories in the same time frame as a normal elliptical machine. There is also an app that needs registration, and it will help you achieve a better workout routine in smaller time frames. These can adjust to your busy lifestyle and help you achieve that summer body. A regular elliptical, on the other hand, is the same old thing and will be replicated by multiple companies; though it will still be easy on your joint, it may not be the best thing for you.


Most elliptical machines are manual and need to be pushed by the user, and will require energy but will not help extensively in a workout. Those that will be plugged in may not have the type of offers that a max trainer may provide.

These elliptical machines may also not come with apps that fit into your routine and help out with your daily routine.

How does each of these work?

A max trainer is promised to help you burn more calories than a normal elliptical machine, but how can it do that while having the same type of structure? Well, there is a difference and a huge one at that. The max trainer is made to mimic a climbing motion. It makes your lower body work out more by making your legs feel like they’re climbing vertical stairs, and this helps your lower body have more pressure, and it will help you burn more calories more quickly.

Walking may be great for a quick workout or for maintaining a fit body with light cardio, but the max trainer has been tested on multiple trail users who have produced a result of losing 600 calories in just 30 minutes which is amazing compared to multiple different machines.

An elliptical machine is pretty average but still does help in short workouts with properly given routines. It has the more traditional oval and walking motion mechanics involved in them, which do certainly help you lose a few calories in comparison to the max trainer. 

They are oval and more longitudinal motions that don't necessarily apply any pressure on your joints. The downfall to this in comparison to the max trainer is still the same fact that these do not help achieve the same level of lower body workouts.

Is max trainer better for cardio?

Climbing higher flights of stairs are known to get your heart pumping, and these steps make you sweat a lot more than anything. They will get your lower body to work faster and will train your muscles with definition. And these are the basics that the max trainer is built on. They make a much more vertical flight for your lower muscles and make you sweat, helping you with cardio training.

Cardio is known to help you with your fat, and these cardio sets combined with muscle training help you get a much more defined body and shape.

Max trainer is also made with HIIT (high-intensity interval training). These are basic workouts that have a high-intensity period for a short time, then give you a resting period, and then begin another session of high-intensity training. The resting period does not stop your workout but lowers the intensity, which helps you catch your breath and lets you regain energy so you can restart the training. These types of workouts help in maintaining a level of calorie-burning, which maintains itself even 48 hours after the initial workout is complete.

In conclusion, a Max trainer elliptical machine will be better if you’re looking for a fat loss journey with a smaller time frame.

Differences with a normal elliptical vs Bowflex max trainer, upper body muscles

An elliptical is known to have upper handles which give you support while you’re working yourself, and you can hold onto them while you push forward in a horizontal position. These are good for support, and they do work your arms out a little. But the downfall is most of the time; people tend to lean on these handles for support rather than looking at them as a way of working their upper body.

With the max trainer, you have the plus point of having the machine build on a vertical plane which makes these handle a grip for you to move upward with. This engages the upper body more and helps you achieve a better workout. The handles move just as they would in a traditional elliptical machine just to get your upper body muscles working more than usual. Achieving a better result even with upper body muscles.

Elliptical vs Bowflex Max - Lower Body Muscles

The primary benefit of an elliptical machine is that it's designed to mimic the natural motion of running.The oval-motion creates centrifugal force which helps to tone your muscles with every stride. Meanwhile, the Bowflex Max delivers a more stair-climbing style vertical motion which targets acceleration at various levels while keeping you balanced as you go.

In terms of giving your legs a good workout, both machines are great options - it just depends on your preference when it comes to how your exercise feels and what kind of motion you want out of your lower body exercise machine. While Ellipticals may offer more natural running motion and thus greater range of muscle activation, Bowflex Max puts more focus on key areas of the body that are traditionally neglected in traditional cardio machines.

Price comparisons

A max trainer is honestly a solid construction and has a company warranty which will help you a lot down the lane, and they start the price ranges from $999 and can go up to a good $2599. These are a little expensive, but considering the results, they might just be worth it for home workouts and can be treated as an investment for the future. Plus, you get to save money on your gym membership which can be counted as a plus point as well.

For normal elliptical machines, the range can be from $750 and can go up to $4000 for more commercial models. These are also available at lower prices which can easily be found on online platforms such as Amazon. There are models which go for a lot cheaper and can plummet down to $160. These are very low prices for workout machines and can simply be as the price comes, i.e., “cheap.” The material used in these is not very high quality and can have a very short life span. So a higher investment will only lead to a better life in the future.

What benefits does each of them have?

Elliptical machines are great for home workouts, and they help in losing weight in the way and comfort that you prefer them at. They are good for longer workouts and will help you achieve longer walking goals as compared to using a treadmill. They’re not very boring and help you get in an upper body and a more boy workout all at the same time.

They are priced pretty decently and can be used at any time of the day. Though they need their designated space, they will do work pretty but what if the same high-end machine got an even better upgrade?

Why wouldn’t you want more from a simple workout?

This is where the Max trainer comes in. The max trainer, as mentioned before, is great for lower body workouts. Not only this, but it even helps in upper body workouts, which are end to you having w a full-body workout in real-time. With better workout following, the max trainer can adjust itself with your daily routine and can help with achieving better results in smaller amounts of time. They give better results as compared to an average elliptical machine.

These machines are also foldable and can be stored in a smaller space, and give better results than a normal elliptical.


Studies have revealed that a 30-minute session on the Max can burn up to 600 calories — roughly twice as much as may be expected from an equivalent amount of time spent on a treadmill, stepper, or elliptical trainer. 

And while burning some 300 to 400 calories from an elliptical workout is nothing to sneeze at, being able to double those results with minimal effort makes the Bowflex Max a powerhouse calorie blaster.


These are our top suggestions to give you the best elliptical under 2000. We have tried our best to give you a wide variety of features and functionality, all based on the price. All of these ellipticals are having their benefits and major in strength; the question is, what is the right one for you that gives you the right price for your use. Either you want different programs for your daily workout, or you want monitoring features, or you want to get Bluetooth connectivity, the preferences are yours. I hope you find something which is right for your use. Healthy life leads to a happy life!

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