Ironmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbells Review

Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbell

Ironmaster Dumbbell Review

The ironmaster adjustable dumbbells are a great option for anyone wanting to expand their home gym to do dumbbell exercises at home. These dumbbells have a quick lock system designed by Ironmaster that lets you easily change the weights

Feature List

  • Adjusts 4-45 lbs
  • 5lb increments
  • Comes with workout guide
  • Comfort soft grip handle
  • Replaces 18 free weights
  • 14″L x 8.5″W x 7″H

They are made of solid Iron and steel! There are no plastic parts to be broken on these dumbbells.

Ironmaster Quick Lock Adjustable Dumbbells

  • Weight increments in 2.5 lbs to adjust the weight
  • Has  life time warranty
  • You can buy add on kits to expand the weight capacity to 160 pounds.
  • The weights can also be used with other Ironmaster accessories like their curl bar.
  • Handles are chrome plated steel that are welded together
  • Handles alone are 5 pounds each.

Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbell Review

These dumbbells will work for a beginner or advanced user and come with a wide variety of weight options which makes them more flexible than other dumbbell options that have a maximum capacity that you cannot expand with as you get stronger and need more weight.


Let's talk about the handles first. The handles each weight 5 pounds each empty. Underneath the chrome plated grip, you have regular steel that is welded together.  To secure the weights there are locking screws on each side that weight 2.5 pounds each.   So, if you do the math, a dumbbell with the locking screws on them with no weights starts out at 10 pounds.   This could be an issue for someone who is looking for smaller weight is why I'm mentioning it.

Weighted Plates

The plates themselves are actual cast iron and are thin plates that come in increments of 2.5 pounds and go up in weight from there. When adding on the bigger weighted plates, it's best to put those on first and then add the smaller plates.

Dumbbell Stand

ironmaster dumbbell standThere is a dumbbell stand that comes with it. It's looks like a metal cabinet with a flat top where you can sit the dumbbells. You can sit them length ways on the stand when you have a lot of weight on them because of the length or sideways when you have a small amount of plates on there.

The stand also has built int storage shelves that you can sit on weights on. The actual 120 pound add-on kit fits on the bottom shelf.

Changing The Weights

There is are a few tips about changing the weights. First I would sit them on top of the stand with the notch in the handle facing up so it's easy to pull the locking screws out and to also tighten them quickly after you add the weight.  If you have the bigger weighted blocks on first it will make it easier to add smaller increments later on.

Any Drawbacks ?

Like most adjustable dumbbells you don't want to drop these too far off the ground as you might risk bending the bar.  If you want to get into bigger weight ranges above 75 pounds, you will have to purchase an extra kit.
Watch the Video below to see how they are maintained and you can change the weights.


The Ironmaster Quick-lock adjustable dumbbells are a great dumbbell that will meet most of the weight ranges you need in a dumbbell set to workout at home.  They have 2 base sets that come in a 45 pound and 75 pound set.  You can always add on to them by purchasing a 120 or 165 pound set.  It comes with a stand so you have some place to store the dumbbells.  Ironmaster also made it so the weighted plates work with their easy curl bar which is a bonus feature so you can reuse the weight.

It's a very versatile solid adjustable dumbbell set that will last a long time and get the job done. You can find out more information on amazon below to get the best discount to buy the Ironmaster quick lock dumbbells.

You can read my review for  more choices on what the best adjustable dumbbells are here if you didn't really like this one.

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