Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells Review

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Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbell

Feature List

  • Goes up to 20 to 170lbs
  • 3 Models to choose from
  • Can buy expansion kits
  • Pin to Change the wait
  • Can buy Stands For it
  • Commercial Gyms Use them

Here is a video to see how you actually change the weight

If you are searching for more information on the powerblock dumbbells then you have landed in the right spot. These dumbbells are a great way to replace a rack of dumbbells and will work for any home gym setup.

You will also see these dumbbells used in many college gyms as well since they can easily be expanded to heavier weight.  They are meant to be used by anyone!

Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbell Review

Powerblock has a few models that you will want to know about as you are looking to buy a pair of powerblock dumbbells.  For home gyms you will want to consider the following three models which is the urethane, sport and classic series.  I'll go in detail what each of them offer and what they differences are so you know what will work for you personally.

The differences are subtle and cosmetic for the most part. The end weight plates are built differently and shaped differently. So, the urethane and sport series it has a rounded top. For the classic series the ends are all square.

Which leads into why the handles are contoured on the urethane and sport series, whereas the classic has straight handles.  One other important note is that the sport has more room in the handle area than the others.

One final note about the handles is that the urethane and classic have padding around the wrists supports and the sport doesn't which is why it has more room in the handle area than the others.

powerblock dumbbellsThe pin selectors are different between the 3 of them as well.  For the urethane model you have a plastic selector that is flexible.

The sport series pin is metal and doesn't flex.  For the classic it uses both types of selectors based on the amount of weight you buy.

Warranty Differences

I also want to point out there is a difference in the warranty length.  Eurethane is limited home warranty, not sure what that means. Need to look at it when you buy it. The Sport powerblock has a 15 year length and the Classic powerblock has a 10 year home warranty.

Powerblock Home Series Weight Ranges

  • The Urethane set starts at a 3lb-21 pound set to a 5lb-125lb weight set.
  • The sport series starts with a 3-24lb set and goes up to a 10-50lb set. You can however expand them with a 50, 70 and 90 pound set. The 24 pound dumbbell set has increments of 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24 pounds per dumbbell. So, this would be  a great set for beginners who don't need a lot of weight.
  • The classic is a 5-50lb set which replaces 9 pairs of dumbbells. They also have powerbock elite versions in the classic series that are 50, 70 and 90 pound adjustable dumbbell sets that can also be expanded.

Example Handle Lengths to give you and idea of what to look for.

  •  Elite handle is 12"L x 6" W x 6" H
  • Classic Handle is 12"L x 6" H x 6.25" W
  • Urethane 50 is 12.25" x 6.5 x 6.5
  • Urethane 70 i s11.75 x 7" x 7.25"
  • Sport 24 pound set is 10.5" x 5.25 x 5" H

Powerblock Club Commercial Set Dumbbells

What I found is that they are 19"x 21" with a small footprint and they come in 20, 32, 50, 90, 125, 175 pound versions per hand.

They have a heavy grey covered handle and are more heavy duty. The foam used is less resistance to tear and less likely to show sweat marks from repeated use. The small chrome outer weights are not required to be used as they can easily be lost or stolen in a commercial setting.

There is an option in the 50 and 90 pound set to use the extra kettlebell handle that can be purchased separately. So, honesty, unless you are a gym owner, you really don't need these for your home use.

They are built for a high volume of usage which you just won't get at home is what it comes down too.

Powerblock Cub Set Dumbbells for commercial use

How Do they Work

So, the powerblocks are what I call a pin selector dumbbell which uses a pin mechanism to select the desired weight you want to work with. The dumbbells have different color rods that represent the selected weight then you put the pin in that slot. You can see what the color represents for weight on the top of the dumbbell.

So, if you want to select 20 pounds you put that in the 20 pound color. Each dumbbell then would represent 20 pounds in each hand basically.

Powerblock Dumbbell Summary

So, there are a lot of options to think about here as to which model would be right for you. Make it easy on yourself and decide what is the max weight you need. Once you know that you can then decide what is your max price. From there you can determine which model you want to go into.

For me I would lean toward the power block elite model because I like that the classic has a sturdy pin selector, I like the color, it can expand  and I can get it in multiple weights ranges right off the bat.

You can read my guide I wrote called Adjustable Dumbbells For Home Gym
if this is still not what you are looking for.

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  1. What about the selector pin in the sport version? Is it really made of plastic? How do I know the plastic pins won't shear when I lifting aggressively? I have this fear that since they look plastic they will fatigue and shear, dropping the weight on my toes or something worse like my head or face. The slector pin says its rated to 500(hundred) lbs. It is actually a flexible metal covered in plastic or really just plastic all the way through?

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