Keiser M3 Plus Spin Bike Review

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Keiser M3 Indoor Stationary Cycle Trainer

What happens when you take a decade of research, trainer feedback, and collaboration with some of the largest fitness clubs worldwide? You get the Keiser M3 Indoor Stationary Cycle Trainer.
This is a sophisticated indoor training cycle that's challenging, fully adjustable, durable, easy to maintain, and whisper quiet.

  • Easy install and transport
  • Adjustable pedals, seat, and handlebars
  • Comfort handles and saddle
  • Magnetic resistance
  • Smooth resistance shifter
  • Infinite resistance adjustment
  • Gravity based water bottle holder
  • Anti-slip cages
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Optional computer system

Features of The M3


The Keiser M3 is a very simple design and, likewise, it is simple to assemble. Most buyers are able to put the entire bike together in under two hours with only a few common tools.


The pedals, seat, and handlebars are all adjustable so that any rider can become comfortable using the Keiser M3. The seat arm does not have notches, so you can adjust the height of the seat to an exact point instead of needed to click into a predetermined spot.

ComfortSpinning bikes

The seat has a foam, medium-firm covering and is very wide making it a stable foundation for long rides. The handlebars also have a foam covering that make it more comfortable for gripping.

Magnetic Resistance

There are two quarter-sized magnets on each side of the flywheel and an adjustment lever near the handlebars that controls the position of the magnets. Bringing the magnets closer to the flywheel increases the resistance and moving the magnets away from the flywheel decreases the resistance.

The most noticeable pro to the magnetic resistance system is that the M3 feels like you're actually riding an outdoor bike. Where most indoor cycle trainers use friction to accomplish resistance, the magnetic resistance doesn't make you feel like you're riding with the brakes on. It has a much more accurate simulation of ascending a hill instead of just pulling your brake lever in halfway.

Smooth Resistance Shifter

Many indoor cycles have a resistance tension knob that you turn to increase or decrease resistance. The Keiser M3, on the other hand, recognizes that the guesswork involved with a tension knob is less than ideal. A knob can't tell you exactly what resistance level you're at, but the Keiser M3 can manually input and shift between resistance levels and have the exact level of resistance displayed on screen.

Infinite Resistance Adjustment

This bike has 24 gears so you can adjust from no resistance at all to a nearly impossible incline simulation that equals scaling a 90-degree cliff face with your bicycle.

Gravity Based Water Bottle Holder

As fancy as this sounds, it's not all that fancy. It is, however, more useful than a water bottle holder with a clip. This holder is just a bowed resting place for your water bottle that is tilted so that gravity can keep it resting there. Without a clip, it is so much easier to pick up your bottle and put it back down during a workout without dropping it or fishing for the clip opening, especially when you're working really hard!

Anti-Slip Cages

Like any good cycle trainer, there are cages on the pedals to secure your feet and keep them from slipping off. You can also flip the pedals around and choose not to use the cages if that is your preference.

Apparently you don't want your feet all the way in the cages because it tends to make your feet fall asleep. You just want the ball of your foot on the pedal and halfway inside the cage.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Keiser has build this cycle from the ground up to combine strength with simplicity, so, other than regular wipe downs after workouts, there is virtually no maintenance required. The magnetic resistance helps with this because the parts are not actually touching each other. Points of friction are the places that need to be oiled and maintained, but this bike has virtually none.

Optional Computer System 

The Keiser M3 monitor displays: indoor bike trainer

  • Cadence (RPM)
  • Power Output (watts/Kcal)
  • Heart Rate
  • Elapsed Time
  • Current Gear (Resistance Level)
  • Odometer / Trip Distance

A lot of cycle bikes don't have any monitor at all, so the fact that the M3 has that option is a step in the right direction.

For those bikes that do have a monitor, few track both cadence and resistance. For athletes focusing on training leg speed, cadence is a very useful measurement to have right in front of your eyes. And like I mentioned previously, you can clearly see what gear or resistance level you're at instead of needing to guess with a tension knob.

The monitor also has a couple fun features such as class average and a smart backlight. If you use this bike for classes, it will keep track of your average so you can steadily improve. It also has a backlight that gauges the amount of light in the room and adjusts its brightness accordingly.

Pros and Cons

Not only is the bike beautiful, it's practical, challenging, and durable.

One of the most mentioned pros of the Keiser M3 is how close it feels to real outdoor riding. For those competitive or recreational riders that just want something to ride on in the winter, this is a great bike to make it feel like you never left the road.

Consumers also comment on its ease of assembly, its low maintenance, and its silent operation. If you have kids and like to workout at night, you don't have to worry about waking anyone up with this cycle trainer.

One con is that the handlebars only adjust up, and because of the angle of the arm is also adjusts out when it goes up. Therefore, more petite riders may have a difficult time riding without locking out the arms. Also, for taller riders that need to bring the handlebars up quite a bit have sometimes experienced back and neck pain because the position isn't proper for their height.

The bike also does not come with tools to put it together, so you'll have to use your own.

There are mixed reviews on customer service. Some consumers say they had very helpful representatives that fixed their problem immediately and others that say they were left in a terrible spot and could not fix their problem.indoor cycling trainer

The last con is much more of a subjective item, and that's price. This is an expensive piece of equipment and it will wholly depend on what you want and need in an indoor cycle trainer. Some people complain it's far too much money and others say you get exactly what you pay for. Have a clear idea of what you want in your head, and if this bike doesn't fit that, get something else.

In Short 

If you're not in the market to spend a ton of money and just want a machine that will work for now, check out some other options. But if you want a professional, sturdy, durable, smooth-riding, low maintenance, super quiet cycle trainer with all the tracking capabilities you could ask for, get the Keiser M3 Spin Bike with the computer. It truly is a top-of-the-line, best-on-the-market type of investment. If you want an option where you can work and bike, check out under the desk bike reviews article.

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