Garmin Forerunner 920XT Review – Multi-Sport Watch

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Forerunner 920XT

The Forerunner 920XT is a powerful multi-sport watch that triathletes love to use. It does everything below and then some!
Feature List

  • Tracks swimming, biking, running
  • 1.9” x 2.2” x 0.5”
  • Display is 1.1" x 0.8
  • 3 Models: Watch Only, HRM-Triathlon or HRM-Run
  • Great Pool Workout Options
  • Advanced Running Metrics
  • For Triathletes!

Health and fitness exercises may be enjoyable to execute but we normally get run down in the end before we can even record our performance. Even if we could manage to summon the little energy still available, the profusely sweating body makes us feel like running out of our own skins. This is where a gps running watch like Garmin Forerunner 920XT comes in handy.

Garmin - Trust Running Watch Company

I would really love to write up a few words about Garmin but it would be a waste of time. Almost every fitness individual out there knows about Garmin’s wearable products. If it’s not Garmin Forerunner 920XT, then it’s either Garmin FR 620, FR 235 or the edge series versions. Garmin’s products stand tall above fitness products designed by other companies. They are ever evolving and designing their products with latest capabilities.

Garmin Forerunner 920XT is the most recent wearable piece from Garmin. Packed to capacity with a slew of features that you can’t resist. Most of the features that other Garmin’s devices lacked like live tracking, swim functionality and sleep tracking have been included in Garmin Forerunner 920XT. If you are seriously looking for a multi-sport watch for triathlon, you might want to try out this gps running watch.

Want to know what 920XT is made up of? Hold my hand and as I take you through its features to see where it shines and where it could need some polishing.

Unboxing the product

When you unbox this product, you will find the following five items; the HRM-RUN transmitter, The USB charging clip, some paper guides, HRM-RUN strap, and the watch itself. The product comes in two main colors, Red and Blue with some slight variations.

Garmin Forerunner 920xt Features

  • Normal running feature tracking for pace, time cadence.
  • Advance running features to track your stride length, how much you bounce and ground contact.
  • Normal biking tracking metrics
  • Has an Fitness Tracking Activity alert bar that notifies you when you’ve been still for some time; though doesn’t beep or vibrate to remind you.
  • Has a smart notification system that lets you see your emails, messages and a few other things.
  • The swimming features that tracks pace, distance, rest times, stroke count, stroke type identification and drill logging.
  • Swimming strap does not slip in the water!!!
  • Estimates VO2 Max
  • Nice Color Display
  • Comes in Blue or Red wrist bands
  • Weights 2.1 oz

Design and build

Garmin Forerunner 920XT may still appear chunky to some people but its design is a bit sleeker than the previous models. There are several buttons on its side to make it easier to get some functions to start. Its total weight is about 61 grams.

Additional info

  • Colored screen and it measures 2.9 x 2.2 centimeters
  • Has a resolution of 205 x 148 pixels
  • Has improved aesthetics.
  • Its rubble strap is adjustable for a comfortable grasp

Despite the many features, it can actually be easier to learn how to operate this watch if you read the guide it comes with. If you don’t like that idea, visit Garmin’s website and you’ll find a FAQ section for this watch for additional information. There also video tutorials as well.

Battery life Charge

Ok inside the watch it has a ithium-ion battery rechargable battery that is designed to last for a long time base on what mode you are using the watch in. Let's look at the break down so you can see how long this watch will last during workouts and normal wear.

  • Using it as watch only 4 months.
  • Watch mode and fitness tracking 1 month.
  • It last 40 hours in Ultra Trac mode.
  • In GPS only mode it will last 24 hours
  • Lasts up to 20 hours using GPS and GLONASS

Advanced Heart rate-measuring capability

When used together with a heart rate monitor, FR 920XT can offer multiple heart monitoring features such as recovery status, recovery check, and recovery time-how long you need to rest before you start again. With HRM-Run, this watch can estimate your VO2 max for running. Equip it with HRM-Swim or HRM-Tri if you want it to measure your heart rate during a swimming session.

Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect gives you a chance to record your stats easily and even share them with the world. Most of your exercise activities are combined and stored as a single file for easy reviewing or sharing. Syncing data to Garmin connect is easier as there are three options you can use.

When you have a Wi-Fi hotspot, the watch will automatically sync the data to the APP whenever it’s in range. The second option involves using desktop to sync data through a USB cable. The Bluetooth functionality is another tool you can use to transfer data to the Garmin Connect App. Leaving the Bluetooth on for a long time drains the battery quickly.


  • Its GPS system is one of a kind
  • Has a decent battery life
  • Fully multisport i.e. tracks swimming, running and cycling.
  • Its software system is compatible with both android and IOS.


  • It’s a bit costly
  • Some prior knowledge might be needed to operate it; otherwise it can take some days before you master all its features.

Garmin FR 920XT is one of the most sophisticated watches in the fitness market that meets all the needs of serious athletes. Its software system is designed to track swimming, running and cycling activities without blips. Hence, you should not get surprised if you find its price to be a bit high than most multisport watches. Nevertheless, that’s not to say its price is exorbitantly high.

Customer review and rating

Garmin FR 920XT has been reviewed positively by many customer both at Amazon and other fitness blogs. On Amazon alone, there are over 250 reviews and 7% of them expressed their dissatisfaction while a whopping 70% plus expressing their utter satisfaction with this watch.

Here is a recap of what one of the reviewers said about this multisport watch. “I have used several running watches and Garmin has proved to be what I totally wanted. This smart watch is a must have for any triathlon athlete and newbies who want to optimize their workout performance. Here are the things I liked about Garmin 920XT: Higher resolution display, accurate GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi integration and the multiple sensors.”


Like most health and fitness watches, you can buy Garmin 920xt at any online shop. The most recommended shops would be Amazon and other platforms that deal with fitness products. Remember to ask the product’s warranty and return policy before you purchase.


If you are looking an advanced multisport GPS watch, look no further than Garmin Forerunner 920XT. This watch tracks some of the most advanced running, swimming and cycling metrics that other wobbly watches fail to track. It’s got everything you need in a triathlon watch from the accurate GPS system, heart rate monitoring capability, long lasting battery, to live tracking features. What else could be better than this watch?

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