The Best Extreme Workout: Insanity vs Insanity Max 30 Workout

Insanity vs Insanity Max 30

If you have been on your body building venture for awhile and you are looking for something that is going to challenge the socks off you, I have just the thing for you!  I might say, two things for you because we will be looking at Insanity vs Insanity Max 30.

Both workouts were created by Shaun T, through Beach Body. If you are not familiar with Shaun T., some of his other workout videos are: Focus T25, Insanity: The Asylm., Hip Hop Abs and Insane Focus. His list goes on and on.

The reason I say anything about Shaun T is just to let you know that the workouts we are looking at were both his creation and he is legendary for being a great motivational instructor,  and for his students getting miraculous results, without a doubt! Its INSANE!

The Strategy Behind Insanity vs Insanity Max 30


Extreme workout is Insanity

The main science behind the Insanity workout is that you burn more calories when you alter your heart rate during a workout than if you just maintain at one speed and your heart rate is steady.

Doing Insanity while challenging, will burn numerous calorie and shape your body but you will not get that over muscular look.

Due to the extreme high pace of all the moves in Insanity, you will be doing cardio based moves that will get your heart rate up which will allow you to burn a ridiculous amount of calorie.

Sound like hard work? You bet it is, but that is what it is going to take to help you sculpt your body and it will  help you drop that unwanted weight. This is insanity at its best!

Being an interval based cardio workout, the moves will target different areas and parts of the body at once. One of the moves may work on your upper body while others will work on your core and lower body.

Interval training means that you will go like crazy for one interval then have a short cool down period and then back at it. The entire workout will last about 20-60 minutes and you will earn every drop of sweat on your brow. An example of part of a workout would be: doing four moves that last 30 seconds each and then you get s 30 second break.

By giving you this short break you allow the heart to rest before you raise the rate again. This is a healthy way to build up the heart muscle for endurance reasons.

The Insane WorkoutsSome Results From Insanity

  • Dig Deeper & Fit Test
  • Plyometric Cardio Circuit
  • Cardio Power & Resistance
  • Cardio Recovery & Max Recovery
  • Pure Cardio & Abs
  • Cardio & Abs
  • Core Cardio & Balance
  • Max Interval Circuit
  • Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs

You will not use any weights, so there is no other purchase to make other than the Insanity DVD Package.

Insanity Max 30

Insanity Max 30 poster

So how does Insanity Max 30 differ from Insanity ? The most obvious difference is that each workout is 30 minutes in length as apposed to 60 minutes for Insanity. You will not be using any weights with Max 30 either.

Insanity Max 30: your workout is around 30 minutes so there are no cool down periods but you have 150 new moves.

The strategy with Max 30 is that you go as hard as you can until your body won't let you do another move. You have a calendar that you write that time on and then get back to the workout. Your first max out time might be only 5 minutes into the first workout, that's okay.

You now have a goal to shoot for. Next time you do the same workout, you might not max out until the 7 minutes, and then the next time, 20 minute mark. As you progress through the program you may never have another max out until the end of the workout. The idea is to always be pushing yourself to reach that next goal or Max Out. To read a full review on Insanity Max 30, click here.

Insanity Max 30 Workouts

Month 1 workoutsGirls results from Insanity Max 30

  • Cardio Challenge
  • Tabata Power-20 seconds on 10 seconds off
  • Sweat Intervals
  • Tabata Strengh
  • Friday Fight Round 1

Month 2 Workouts

  • Max Out Cardio
  • Max Out Power
  • Max Out Sweat
  • Max Out Strength
  • Friday Fight Round 2

Meal Plans For Each Program

Insanity comes with a nutritional guide that has a meal plan  designed to keep your body fueled for those really intense workout. You will be consuming enough nutrients to keep up the strength to do the workouts while turning your fat into muscle. You will also be able to get help online at any time.

Insanity Max 30 works on the portion control plan and you will get a "No Time to Cook Guide"in the package that will guide you on what to eat and how much even if you decide to dine out. You will be aware of the portions that you can eat and still keep on track.

So What's It Going To Be: Insanity vs Insanity Max 30

As we can see, the major differences in these two workouts are the duration of the workout time: Insanity-60 minutes, Insanity Max 30-30 minutes. This difference in workout time will also mean that with Insanity, you will be burning more calories and will be doing more cardio workouts.

Insanity Max 30 was created for those that have limited time to spend on a workout but still insist on great results and are willing to work for them. Both of these workouts are great for athletes in their off time. Guess you need to ask yourself, how much time you want to spend on your workouts daily and how fast do you want to see gains.  Those two questions should give you the answer.

I really like Insanity Max 30 and the idea of pushing myself to the max for just 30 minutes a day since I have very little time to spend on working out. You have to be really dedicated to do either of these programs.They are extreme and you will get great results, so good luck with your choice!