MiR Short Weighted Vest Short Style Review

MiR Short Weighted Vest

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Often, those looking to lose weight or gain muscle will hit a plateau. Extremely competitive athletes are always trying to push their limits.  On of the ways to push through this is to challenge your muscles to respond by adding more resistance to your normal exercises or confuse them.

Weight training is known to be one of the most effective ways to lose weight and gain muscle, along with a healthy diet, and getting plenty of rest. Increasing the frequency of a workout, or eating less, may help to speed up results, however, the greatest results are seen when groups of muscles are exercised, with the maximum comfortable amount of weight.
Utilizing a heavy, weighted vest in your workout can maximize results, rapidly burning fat, and turning it into solid muscle.

Many weight vests are available on the market today, with varying features. When asked which weighted vest would deliver the most results in the shortest amount of time, experts repeatedly recommended the same brands.

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One of the top rated brands is MIR. They have Long vest, slim vests, short vest, 20lb vest and up to 75 pound vests. There is style out there for any athlete. In this review we are looking at the short model which should appeal to athletes who are looking to be extremely mobile and they don't want a vest bouncing around on them.

NOTE: This version purposely does not come with weights so you can buy the exact amount you want and style. 

Who Uses Weight Vests?

V-Force Weight Vest ReviewWeighted vests are meant to be highly functional for many different uses. Firefighters are known to use these types of vests in their exam training, to increase their muscle strength and endurance. They find that using the vest during their months of training makes taking the exam easier on their bodies.

They also attest to the fact that these vests can prevent injuries while training, because of the vest's evenly distributed weight.

People who lift weights love weight vests because they find that results are accelerated when the vest is in use. It can also be used in cardio workouts, allowing for simultaneous weight loss and muscle gain. Weight vests can be used in a variety of other activities, including boxing, biking, yoga, aerobics, and even mountain climbing and swimming.

Runners especially love weight vests because it increases the intensity of their run, without having to worry about carrying weights in their hands. Runners also love the even distribution of weight, which allows for proper posture and joint health, and maintenance of balance while in motion.

Yoga enthusiasts are sometimes found wearing light weighted vests. These yogis love the equal balance they get in their poses and postures, and the extra challenge of holding the weight.

Weight vests are also sometimes used while playing basketball, baseball, soccer, and more, and many people love wearing weight vests during their home workout.

New moms find that baby weight easily comes off with an at home workout video, such as Body Beast: Bodybeast Review paired with a light weighted vest. As their strength and endurance increases, they add more weights, up to forty pounds total, until their ideal weight is achieved.

The MiR Plated Weight Vest can also be used to increase the intensity of lunges, squats, chin ups, pull ups, and many other aerobic exercises, for those who do not use home workout videos.

MiR Short Weight Vest

MiR Short Weight Vest Features

The MiR Short Weight Vest is both durable and versatile. It features dual layer neck lining, preventing rips and tears on the vest. It has a reinforcement of 1200 D-Nylon throughout, ensuring that it will last for a lifetime of exercise.


This vest can hold plates of various shapes, sizes, and weights. The basic model vest does not come with weights included, so be sure to order them with the vest, or you will have to supply your own. Weights can be purchased at sporting goods stores nationwide, or bench weights can also be used.


Weights can be purchased separately, and reports have shown that many different styles of weights fit securely inside the vest. Olympic style 2" holed plates do not fit in this particular vest, and it is recommended to use standard style 1" hole plates. Both 2.5-pound and 5-pound weights can be used, and two, 5-pound weights can fit easily into one pocket.

Other models of this vest are available for purchase, which include weights. Be sure to keep this in mind when deciding which vest to purchase.


This vest is shorter in length, ending just below the pectoral muscle. This is a valued feature because it allows for greater mobility during a workout, especially when bending at the core is required. The basic vest is an especially great purchase for those who already own weights because there is no need to pay any extra money for a vest that comes with unnecessary weights included. The cross strap measures 14 x 13 x 1 inch (W x H x D).

This weighted vest is a great choice for any exercise. In addition to being breathable, the weight is kept high and centered, which keeps it off the shoulders and minimizes the movement of the vest. This prevents skin chafing because the vest stays securely in place while in use.


The MiR Short Weight Vest features a cross strap that secures the weights in position throughout your workout. This security feature will work on weights of any size or shape, adding to the security provided by the 1200 D-Nylon Flap.

For use at night, it is recommended to fix the vest with a reflective belt for added safety. This is easily done with the many available loops on the vest.

Users are always advised to ensure, for safety, that they are using the Velcro closures properly and added security can be obtained by way of running the Velcro closures through the middle of the weight plate. Other vests on the market often come at a significantly higher price, as well.

Overall the MiR Short Weighted Vest receives very few complaints, and it remains highly recommended by trainers, athletes, and home users.

Weight vests can be used in endless ways to maximize weight loss and muscle gain. Whether you lift, run, or take part in yoga, you will absolutely love the results that you achieve with any weight vest.

As with any other product, our final recommendation is to look at actual customer reviews and note which features are most important to you. Different weight vests are more useful in different applications, so think about what you will be using your new weight vest for before you buy.

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