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In order to loose weight faster without going to the gym you can easily add a weighted vest to your regular walking or running routine to get the job done just as quick.

One of the most recommended products to give a boost to your training program is Tone Fitness Weighted Vest.

Tone Fitness Product Features

  1. It weighs 12 pounds.
  2. The strips are reflective, thus beneficial for night runners.
  3. Comes in a size that fits most people
  4. Has a pocket to hold an iPod or an mp3 player. Big smartphones can’t fit in the pockets. Besides, even if they could, the vest would flail around a lot.
  5. It’s made of soft neoprene materials to keep you comfortable
  6. Doubles your strength training results.

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The tone fitness weighted vest is lightweight, and its contours have been designed to fit snugly on your body without causing any discomfort. It's actually great for walking, running and light weight exercises which has made it a best seller on amazon.

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If you’ve have used a heavy weighted vest before, then you know how uncomfortable and restrictive they can be on the body. They restrict your mobility and feel too heavy to carry around and exercise with. Not with the Tone fitness vest!

Some have materials that don’t absorb sweat leaving you completely uncomfortable to the extent you stop exercising at all. Tone Fitness Weighted Vest is made of sweat absorbing material and has a one size fits all fit.

If you do a lot of kickboxing, cardio workouts or anything that requires a lot of energy and movement, this vest would be ideal for you. For beginners, its 12lbs weight is ideal to get them started in the right way. You can always increase the weight with time as your strength increases. You can hop over to Best Weighted Vests Reviews to see some more great vests that you can add to your stock.

In this Tone Fitness Weighted Vest Review, we are going to look at some of the in-depth info about Tone Fitness Weighted Vest including its drawbacks, pros, availability and, of course, what customers are saying about it. To get more satisfying results, try to workout in this vest through short exercise routines like the one reviewed at T25 – 25 Minute Cardio Workout Review.

What are the benefits Tone Fitness Vest?

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Tone Fitness Weighted Vest has proved to be a perfect product for individuals that are interested in lightweight vests that can help them improve their workout results. The same product you buy can be used by your fiancé hence no need to spend money buying another one.

Unlike many vests, this one has an attractive design that will let you enjoy running in it anywhere you want. The neoprene material it's constructed of keeps you comfortable and lets you exercise for as long as you can. The MP3 player pocket is a great addition to this vest. Music soothes and keeps you motivated to attain your goals.


Besides being one the best products in the market, there are still some things that could have been made better about it. Some of its cons include:

  • You cannot adjust the weights
  • It’s been said to contain phthalate chemicals that are known to cause birth defects.

Who is this vest for?

This vest is ideal for anyone whose main exercises are running, jogging, walking and body weight exercises. It’s a good product for bodybuilding starters who want to add a challenge to their exercise routine.


This vest is available both on Amazon and online fitness products stores. Word of advice, make sure you buy this vest or any other if it only suits your strength training goals. This is one way to avoid complaining that the product you purchased never helped you.

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Customer reviews

There over couple hundred reviews left for this product. Over 60% of those reviewers left a five-star for this product. A meager 5% gave it a one star. If I add the 20% of those who rated it with a four star, then over 80% of the buyers found this product a fantastic purchase. Some of the few reasons why people liked it include its pocket-friendly price, music support, and its attractive design. Some people also found the 12 lbs a relatively easy load to bear.

Tone Fitness Review

If you don’t have a lot of cash to buy high-end strength training vests but can’t do without one, Tone Fitness Weighted Vest would be fit for you. It’s also a perfect equipment for newbies who want to improve their workout results.

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